About The Spirit of Water

Our Inspiration... Dr. Masaru Emoto

Water Blessing Labels were first inspired by the pioneering work of Dr. Masaru Emoto as he researched the way water demonstrates consciousness through its molecular structure and its inherent ability to respond to our thoughts. His work and the practice of blessing water was featured in the movie, "What the Bleep do we know?" Dr. Emoto's work with Hado – the spirit in all things – has convinced us, our blessings can and do work in amazing and profound ways. When we charge our water with blessings, and give focused attention to our thoughts the energy lasts forever. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Emoto for finding the vital link between water and human consciousness. His contribution to the world are infinite. 

About Shara Gardner, owner & creator
Since 2003, sales and production of Water Blessing hasn't stopped, even though her original partner and best friend exited the business after just a couple of years. Alone, Shara took over the business with love and devotion and nurtured it to its current level as a labor of love and blissful devotion. Although it is a spiritual practice for her to create blessing labels and water art that touches the heart, she balances that with the focused intentions of running a serious (not hobby) enterprise. To date, The Spirit of Water has sold close to 2 million blessings all over the world, and there seems to be continued affection for her simple little intention labels.  People all over the world become aware of Water Blessing Labels and trust the power of blessing their lives and each other through intention, prayer, and the scientific/spiritual responses of water molecules all over the world. 

As a founding partner of The Spirit of Water, Shara Gardner's original contributions include all visionary art, graphic design, creative writing, package & product design, website design, and new product marketing. In 2006, when the partnership ended, Shara re-branded The Spirit of Water product line to feature more compelling water art, sacred writings, and expansive spiritual themes. Today, the product line features about 40 different blessing themes, one for most every personal expression to be found in human consciousness.

Original Water Blessing Labels can be found in homes and markets all over the world. Shara has worked tirelessly to create blessings and phrases that apply to most life situations whether they are spiritually-oriented or offer guidance and encouragement for personal growth. Over the past 11 years, she has introduced 30+ new collections and added water lifestyle gifts and products that delight her senses and show her love of water and its many dimensions. She not only blesses all water, but also helps support projects that provide clean water for all.

As a personal love and sideline to the Water Blessing business, Shara considers herself to be an Elder Water Goddess, a playful sea gypsy woman who cares deeply about oceans and all forms of water. The Water Goddess collection of gifts is a strong reflection of her identity with Water Spirits and she uses profits from those items in the store to support her stewardship of world waters. Shara's spiritual base lies deep in blue waters where she gets all her inspiration and spiritual support for her life and her art.

In addition to managing The Spirit of Water, she also facilitates Water Blessing Ceremonies & Workshops. She frequently facilitates Water Sound Healing Sessions in conjunction with Wild Water Goddess Weekends. She is the founder of  the "Water Spirit Mystery School." She has authored five books: "Radical Peace," "Free Will Abundance," "Water Divination", "Romancing Your Life," and "Abundance Mantras." She recently presented a new workshop series entitled, "The Dreamer, The Builder, and the Shaman." It is focused on helping women start and manage small businesses the shamanic way. Shara writes a monthly blog about the insights and teachings she gets throughout her life with water.



"I have them all over my house and car too." 
Nancy W., Turlock, CA

"I put them all over my kid's water bottles, too. I let them pick what they want to use each day. I think it helps them think better about their day." 
Bonnie S., St. Louis, MO

"I got the Prosperity set as a gift. My sister didn't know how good that gift was. My life is changing and I feel it is all because of the blessing. They work. " 
Scott L., Marco Island, FL

"I gave them to all my friends for Christmas.
Carol N., Alberta, CN "

They are everywhere in my house, even on the shower doors. I love seeing subtle messages everywhere I look. " 
Annie P., Madison, TN

"They are brilliant. I've been cutting paper and taping them on. Yours are so elegant!" 
Myra H., NSW, Aust.

"I love the idea of choosing my own reality. The blessings help me remember. They are just great! "
Rosy W., Toronto, CN

"Everyone should use them to help lose weight. I didn't even diet. I just visualized like the label says. 20 lbs. gone!" 
Deborah P, Houston, TX

"I love these labels! I keep a bunch on hand.Whenever I have guests, I send them home with a few." 
Katherine L., New York, NY

"I celebrated my divorce by getting these labels and putting them all around my house. Now I determine what I want in my future by what I am creating right in every moment. It is very powerful." 
Constance K., Sydney, Aust

"These are a great idea. I cut up some of the words to make my own sentences." 
Bobbie C., Key West, FL