Moon Magic


Chant the rhyme, add your request,
in the moonlight all be blessed!

Bless your water with these powerful words. They represent subtle energy actions, attractions, and dynamics that can be initiated using the power of the Moon. Focus your intention, perform sacred ritual, and then add wit and humor. Let your inner witch come out and play in the moonlight. Make a connection to all life, including the life of the planet, and open your heart and mind. When you bless your water you bless the whole world.

Moon Magic is a triple-value collection. First, the word itself is powerful on its own with its ordinary definition. Each word is also a blessing explained on the package. It speaks to the ways of spiritual empowerment. Finally, each word comes with a rhyming blessing spell to help carry its magic far into manifestation. This collection is pure FUN and serious MAGIC at the same time.

Customer Testimonials

"I put a PROTECT spell on my cellphone. I had a tendency to drop it or lose it. Spell is cast! I used the Slicker Sticker and it makes it easier to change blessings words."
Linda C., Topanga Canyon, CA

"I memorized all the chants. They are so much like a song, I find myself repeating them when I am not even thinking about it. Just delightful."
Peggy W., Fairhope, AL

"I love working with the words in this set. I can conjure anything just by following the energy of the rhymes."

Bella V., Austin, TX

"This collection is a complete course in magic."
Johana P., New York, NY