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Punching Through the Veil

Setting Karma In Motion
with a Declaration of Independence 

Every so often, my Spirit Guides awaken me in the wee hours of the morning. Usually I hear a message I can't ignore. When this happens, I know I am being nudged to get up and write. I might try to close my eyes and fall back asleep, but the theme keeps running, even in the dream state. I have found it is best to get the information in text, and then I can nap later. The subject and all the headlines in this email reflect direct "quotes" from my favorite guides, "The Mother of Water." This is a collective of souls from the knowledge realm of the Sacred Feminine.  

"Karma," I hear them say, "is misunderstood." In most cases it is about action and reaction, but it is also about setting something in motion that will resonate for a long period of time. Such was the case when I declared my independence from car trouble.  Such an insignificant thing in the fabric of the universe, but Mother Water reminded me of the time I made such a powerful declaration of independence that, to this day, 20 years later, it is still working.

The scene was right out of a movie
 If you could have ordered the day to fit with the lesson, it could not have been more perfect. But this, however,  was all random. It was the day before Christmas and I was heading south to be with my family, about 300 miles away. I had only enough money to buy a tank of gas on the way, and I had been counting on the fact that I would be receiving a money gift from my parents when I arrived. 

I chose a travel window in alignment with the weather. No snow for a day I heard the weather man say. And the rain was going to stop for a while, too. So I confidently headed out. About 75 miles into the journey, the rain came. A torrential downpour with gale-type winds made driving hazardous; and at one point, I had to pull off to the shoulder to wait it out. The car sputtered and died. After 20 minutes, after the downpour stopped I tried to start it, and nothing happened. Again and again, I tried. This was before the days of cell phones, but I was about ½ a mile from an exit and I could see a gas station sign, so I grabbed my umbrella and set out on foot. Of course the umbrella crumpled and blew away under the strain of the wind. Of course I was splattered numerous times by passing cars. Of course, my shoes and clothes were drenched, and of course, this was in the mountains, so snow was beginning to come down. Didn't I say it was a perfect "movie set?" Yes... drama galore.

Well... the gas station was boarded up and was abandoned. The pay phone was gone, just the booth remained. I stood in that booth and cried. I was more than 5 miles from the next exit.

When I got my wits about me, I decided to head back to my car, but as I started back, the snow started falling so hard, I could hardly see, and I wasn't wearing the proper clothing, plus, I was already wet. Aching from the cold, frustrated with the car, and afraid I could spend hours out on the freeway trying to get anywhere, I screamed at the top of my lungs to "God."

"This will never happen again. I will never have a broken down car again, and I will never be this poor again. Now get me out of this! &*(^%$#@" (yes, I cursed!)

As I got back to my car, a towing service pulled up. I explained I had no money so he should just leave. Instead, he invited me into his truck and put a blanket around me and wished me Merry Christmas. Hitching up my car to his rig, I sat in the cab and continued to cry. This time for joy. He towed me to his friend's service station in the next town, but they were closing. It was Christmas Eve, and his mechanic was gone. They would not be able to work on my car until the day after Christmas. With no money for a motel, no money for a bus, no money for anything, I slumped into surrender and doubted my earlier declaration. But then anger rose up in me again. With my most intent thoughts (silently, of course) I put in another demand to my Creator.

"OK Great Spirit. You got me here. It's up to you to get me home!"

On the strength of my gratitude alone and my honest face, I guess, the owner of the station invited me to stay at the station while he went home to have a holiday celebration with his family. He showed me how to lock and unlock the doors, turned on the heater in the back office, and told me to stay there until I could figure out what to do next. If I needed to sleep in the office, there was a cot and some blankets, a coffee maker, some Top Ramen and a microwave. I was invited to help myself. 

"Help Yourself."

Sometimes we forget the power of that statement. Helping myself meant more than using the resources of generous angels, but really sitting with myself and figuring out a solution. And, I had choices I wasn't even aware of. I did spend the evening and part of the night in the gas station, but by midnight that evening, I wonderful friend arrived to help me. He found and rest stop where we could stay overnight. In the morning, he drove me to where I would meet up with other helpers, who would relay me the entire distance.  In a series of rides, each of which were gifted to me by selfless souls, I ended up at my family Christmas celebration a little late on Christmas afternoon, a little shaken, but humble and grateful. I was helped, but only after I helped myself by working out a plan and contacting those who might be able to help me. There was synergy afoot... or magic! 

Back to Mother Water

This morning she reminded me of that Christmas incident and reminded me of the power of making declarations - or affirmations. The power of helping ourselves. I will say it again... THE POWER OF HELPING OURSELVES by declaring what we want, or don't want, or expect or believe!!! It's all about the power behind the punch.

That day out on the highway, when I declared I would never face those kinds of issues again, I had added the full power of my rage, my frustration, and my fear. What a potent mix! My declaration of independence from such things punctured the veil of consciousness like a lightning bolt and made its way through a few dimensions where it was acted upon by cosmic forces. I set up a demand, Spirit heard it, and my "car-ma" was changed instantly. 20 years later, and I have never experienced that kind of exasperation - ever. In fact, the repair of my car cost me $3.95 for a small plastic cap, and $20 for fifteen minutes of labor. to install it on the starter.  And this is what Mother Water was nudging me about to share with you today. Not only did my rides come through, but the money issue was addressed, too. The car cost me the nearly the exact amount of money I had with me when I made that declaration... $25.00.  Isn't this amazing? That is the power of the punch! Use it. We gently call these bits of declaration "affirmations" in our spiritual or self-help practices; but I am telling you, they are LIGHTNING BOLTS. They are punches into the fabric of creation.

When we use the power of our emotions, plus the power of positive statements, plus the power of belief, we create an energized cosmic field shaped as an laser beam in which action is met with reaction. This is how Karma works. It is not entirely about the little things we do, or don't do. It is not so much about whether we are naughty or nice. It is not about reward or punishment. It is about whether our personal power is focused on something and we are ready to accept what comes next. If we fail to focus our energy or use our power to bring harm to another, on the strength of our intentions, we will pay a price. But if we accidentally harm another, no intent implied, we are not adding to our karmic overload. If we want to change something, or bring something into our lives, on the power of our declarations and the power of our goodness, it will happen. Count on it.

As I listened to the messages this morning, I kept hearing Mother Water express her gentle connection with the ocean. When the big waves come to shore because of storms or turbulence in the sea, they do some damage and sometimes it is major damage involving homes and buildings; but mostly, they clear the beaches of sand debris and prepare a new space for new energy. The shoreline may have been altered. The cliffs may have eroded, the buildings gone, the rocks may have been broken up. But something new comes from all of that destruction - new life. 

If I could have filmed my story on the highway, wet, freezing, crying, trudging, getting splashed, etc. I would have asked Diane Keaton or Cameron Diaz to play my role. They both suffer so perfectly on screen. Looking back, I suffered, too. They would have shouted at God and stomped around in the puddles and made funny faces, and made it comedic as well as dramatic. They would have shaken their fist to the heavens with scornful darting looks. Yes... and I did all those things, too. It would have been a good movie to bring home the point. Declare your independence from things that hurt, harm, trouble, disappoint, or diminish you. Use the force of that declaration to clear the beaches of your life. Use the power of your belief to keep the declaration strong and alive. Allow Spirit to show you better ways. Use intention with consciousness. And above all, AFFIRM (not a gentle, dreamy, kind of poetic prose), but a full passionate declaration assisted by stomping and screaming, AFFIRM what you want using the power of your clear intentions. Use your lightning bolt to punch the veil so your creation can get back to you. 

This is how Karma works... according to Mother Water, and the group consciousness that woke me up this morning. I agree. I totally agree, and I have proof.


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