Personal Growth

There are ways to make our lives work best through a change of mind or heart. When we open our awareness to other ways of looking at the world and ourselves, we may expand and awaken parts of our consciousness that help us greatly improve our work, our relationships and our peace of mind. Personal growth is the process of looking within. When we see something on the outside, we can bet it is tied to something inside. Use Water Blessing Labels to expand your personal universe. In doing for ourselves, we also influence the entire world.

Enjoy your blessings on more surfaces. Use the free static cling band inside each package to create your custom blessing strip using labels from these collections or others.  Make a themed band for yourself, or place words randomly. When you are ready for a different container, remove the strip, not the labels, and place it on another surface. Some use the strip on mugs, bottles, candle holders, food jars, car windows, computers, shower doors, mirrors, and more.