LunaBlue Moonlight Ritual Set

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This mystical moonlight ritual kit offers a splendid way to collect moonbeams and transform your water during the full moon. The set comes with a 25 oz. sturdy glass jug for collecting that silvery glow, a cobalt spritzer, and a purple mister, so you can transfer moon water into smaller containers for use as a crystal revitalizer, a skin moistener, or a plant refresher. Spray it on yourself, and in your space. Moon water is especially powerful when you add a small quantity to your drinking water. Think of moon water as a fine liquor, and sip, not gulp its precious liquid. Healing energy reaches your cells and provides them with a natural healing elixir. When you drink moon water you are adding to your ability to experience more creativity, wildness and light.

• 750ml (25 oz.) Moonshine Jug (Weighted Bottom)
• 4 oz. Cobalt Bottle with Trigger Sprayer
• 2 oz. Purple Glass Bottle with Fine Mist Sprayer
• Stainless Steel Mini Funnel
• Mystic Purple Spirit Tassel

Safety Alert: As with any glass container, frozen water can shatter the glass container.

If your nighttime temperature are predicted to reach freezing , set your container in a window sill in the heated house. You will still receive all the benefits of the moonbeams, just fewer hours of direct moonlight.