Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Similar forgiveness practices were performed on islands throughout Oceania and continue today. 
Traditionally hoʻoponopono is practiced by healing elders, priests or kahuna lapaʻau among the family members of a person who is physically or emotionally ill. Modern versions are still performed within the family or within a family of friends and guided by one who is a wise elder.  The process can also be performed by an individual alone by finding personal wisdom and bringing it forward with commitment and compassion.

The process begins with prayer and this can be structured any way that feels like the right expression. There are no rules except to be honest and transparent in the process. A statement of the problem is made, and the transgression is discussed. Family members who participate in this healing ceremony are expected to help work the problems through and cooperate with the individual's healing process -- never to reinforce blame or shame but to serve as compassionate and helpful witnesses.

Doing the process with others, we share all we know about how we may have caused the problem, and we invite others to offer their input. Doing the process alone, we mentally explore everything we did to possibly cause the illness or problems in our lives, and we follow the thread of influence to determine what effect it has had, not only on ourselves, but on others, as well. We may not know all the threads of consequences our actions have had on others, but we intently work with the process of imagination to visualize what may have happened to others as a result of our transgression. 

Periods of silence are needed for reflection on the entanglement of actions and emotions and how they lead to all injuries. In a group, everyone's feelings are acknowledged and your own feelings are also heard and acknowledged. When the confession has been revealed, repentance and forgiveness take place. Everyone releases each other, and we end our process by letting go of of the memory of past mistakes. This is important. To be "memory free" is to be liberated from all the residue of shame and blame. The pain is gone. The effect on our minds is gone. It simply dissolves into nothing. And since there was nothing left to carry inside, we find ourselves at the Zero Point of existence in this regard. We are now able to recreate a new life. Then we release our soul to travel forward in a completely healed space.

We close the event with a ceremonial feast, a symbol of the release.

This process is not unlike many religious confessional practices or even the 12-Step Programs for addictions. The greater power of Ho'oponopono is that we go forward with deep love and a clean slate, knowing that we are 100% responsible for our lives, our illnesses and our injuries -- and we are instantly endowed with the knowledge that we are 100% capable of healing ourselves and our problems by using this process again and again for all manner of problems. 

The cleansed soul carries no residue. If repeat transgressions may happen, they might be caused by unexplored or ignored memories in the original process. In order to be completely healed of that residue, the process must happen again and again until there is no more possibility of repeat. It works. It has worked for thousands of years and it will work for you. But it is much more pleasing to do the process once with great depth and honesty than to return to the same issue over and over. In other words, be like a laser beam and reveal all the hidden places to expose and heal all transgressions.

The 4 stages are:

Repentance - We say, "I am sorry."  We say it with deep and honest feeling. We breathe it and we think it. We utter it in whispers and we shout it out loud, and we do this without judging ourselves or our emotional process. We simply express from the depth of our truth. We are ready to take 100% responsibility for everything in our lives. Once we realize we caused our own reality, we feel a natural state of remorse. This can be heavy and painful. It can ache and grind on our mind for a while, but it will lead to further inner disclosures. This process brings everything to the surface for examination. We find that everything in our lives has been caused by what is "in here." Not what is "out there." We admit our sorrow and then ask for forgiveness. Who do we ask? We ask ourselves.We are responsible for our problems and we are responsible for our forgiveness.

Forgiveness - We say "Please forgive me!" We ask this earnestly and with great compassion and love for ourselves. We whisper it and shout it. We demand it, and we beg for it. Whatever we feel inside is the way we express these powerful words. Repeat this over and over until the feelings have changed and a sense of clarity emerges. Then we thank all who have participated in this practice with us to also forgive us.

Thank You, Gratitude - It doesn't matter who you thank. When you offer gratitude you are affecting your soul which is connected to the souls of all. Thank yourself for the courage to learn and change. Thank the people who surround you. Thank those who participated in the illness or challenge even if you once believed they caused the problem. Thank them for their willingness to play that role so you could learn and grow. Thanking another is not an empty set of words. They are words that have great power. It is not about being polite or shallowly grateful. This thank you is about pulling gratitude from the depths of all emotions in your heart and revealing them to another -- and to yourself. And when you have offered gratitude for all aspects of your life, then offer love to yourself for all that you are and all you can become. Now you have reached the Zero Limits position.

I love you - Say it often, say it to all who surround you, to your friends, your job, your allies, even your enemies, and remember, there are no enemies anymore. There is only you. And now you can love everything with complete honesty because you have shed all the layers of guilt, pain, remorse, anger, and shame that kept Love withheld or restricted. Say you love yourself and others with a deep sense of compassion and honesty. If you don't feel the love, dig deeper. This expression of love often brings tears to the eyes because it is such a pure emotion.

When you have completed the process, say blessings over food or water. This makes the libations holy and pure. This is much like a priest blessing holy water, and in this case your inner cleansing is a powerful energy that transforms all it influences from the people who witness to the food that is consumed in celebration. 

At the end of the process, drink the water, and eat the food. Reclaim the energy your shared and bring it inside to nourish your thoughts and actions as you move forward.

The blessed water used for ceremony can be created using this process:


Using Solar Blue Water with the Ho'oponopono ceremony

Solar Blue BottlesThe sun is a powerful force and can both cleanse and purify the negative, while allowing new life to continue without the burden of past negativity. This is true for all living organisms. The sun's rays heat and kill harmful bacteria while allowing the good organisms to multiply. How does this affect our body, mind, and spirit? In the most positive way possible. Water makes up over 70% of our bodies. When we drink water that is transformed through the cobalt blue glass and the sun's rays, we are bringing in "new water" to our molecules. They quickly transform other water molecules with their purity. We feel energized, healthy, peaceful.

Solar Blue Water can be used as a cleansing water for crystals, for skin, a healing elixir, and as a positive health drink. The altered molecules in Solar Blue water allow one to "transmute memories" in the subconscious mind so the body can release and heal them.

Condition your water with the power of the sun. Charging your water with light rays will cleanse and heal body, mind, and spirit.  SolarBlue water heals and resets the subconsious mind back to zero, a pure state, to create space for a clean start. An added benefit of the SolarBlue water is that it is even tastier than plain water. And it is very easy to make.

Once the water has been purified and fortified by exposure to the sun, decant what is to be used, and sip it as a ceremonial reminder that you have purified your life and you accept yourself with zero limits. In a sense, this is about communion without the overlay of religion. We are declaring our connection to the Spirit of All and we do so by consuming the energy of the sun. Use the sprayer to share this fortified water with your plants and animals. Use the mister to bring the element of the purification into the air around you. Use the Zero Limits Water Blessing Labels to keep the energy alive both in the bottle and on any container you use for this ritual healing practice. 

See our companion Water Blessing Labels printed in Dove Grey so they can used for cobalt or other dark colors:

Zero Limits Water Blessings

Written by Shara Gardner


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