Metafizzies Game Supplies

In addition to designing and producing Water Blessing Labels and water theme gifts, I also develop spiritual games, oracle systems, and unique divination systems. This collection of components are individual parts and pieces I used to create many of my sets throughout the 20 years I have been in business. All are items are metaphysically I have called my inventory stash “Metafizzies!”

As a small business producer, I often have to order large quantities of an item just to get a better price for the kits and sets I make. There is always excess. What do we do with all that stuff? In this section I am sharing my weird bits and bobs with other makers like myself. Of course, you can always find these things on Amazon or other cheap sources, but if you only want a few, this might be a good way to source and try new concepts for your own business offerings. So…. I am sharing my stock with others. This collection will change often as I find more things in my storage room to release. Sometimes the shipping is included in the pricing. Sometimes it is free. And sometimes, on heavy items, I have to charge shipping. Take a look and see if any of my Metafizzies spark your creativity.