1st Chakra

1st Chakra Blessing
Blessed is my connection to the Earth and All beings.
I feel secure at the ground level and this provides me
with a foundation for living an inspired and enlightened life.
I take very good care of myself and all others as well as the Earth.
The First Chakra portal regulates energy in my body and aids in my ability to walk my life in peace.

1st Chakra Right

The Right to Have and Be

The first chakra is the energetic foundation for the entire chakra system and is where we access life-force energy that sustains physical life on earth. Through it, we realize our connection to the web of life and the natural world. While some believe it is the purpose of humans to evolve and transcend, the first chakra reminds us that we are part of the divine plan for life on the Earth. Remembering our connection to ALL reduces fear and confusion. Fundamental survival issues are resolved in the first chakra. It is the right of each individual to have and be.

Chakra Details

Music Note: C
Color: Red
Stones:  Garnet, Bloodstone
Planet: Saturn
Animals: Elephant, Ox, Bull
Element: Earth
Meaning: Stability
Orientation: Self-Preservation
Identity: Physical
Demon: Fear
Archetype:  Earth Mother
Part of Body:  Legs, Back, Colon, Adrenals, Bones

Attributes of this Chakra:

Positive – Self-descipline, joy, balance, comfort, perfection
Negative – Discouragement, impurity, chaos, confusion, fear, anxiety, disorganization

Physical Ailments when unbalanced:

Problems with legs, feet, knees, spine, obesity, eating disorders