2nd Chakra

2nd Chakra Blessing

Blessed is my ability to feel using all senses.
I am grateful for the gift of emotions and I let them wash
through me removing whatever doesn't belong in my reality.

My body is a temple where pleasure is honored.

I move through life with joy and grace, often connecting my dance
with others who match my rhythms.
I embrace change with excitement.


The Right to Feel

The Second Chakra is the center of feelings, emotions and pleasure. All intimacy and connection arises from this center as it invites one to know self first before claiming to know another. The human being needs touch, pleasure and passion in order to balance all other energies. All the senses are activated through this chakra. Personal transformation originates as a desire for self-exploration and self-gratification, then an opening to experience through connection to others. It is the right of each individual to feel.

Chakra Details

Music Note: D                   
Color: Orange
Stones: Coral, Carnelian
Planet: Moon
Animals: Fish. alligator
Meaning: Sweetness
Identity: Emotional
Demon: Guilt
Archetype: Eros
Part of Body: Reproductive organs, system of elimination

Attributes of this Chakra:

Positive - Positive - Emotional, intelligence, ease with pleasure, graceful

Negative - Sexual addiction, moody, bipolar, over-sensitivity

Physical Ailments when unbalanced:

Sexual dysfunction, low back pain, urinary problems, genital and reproductive diseases.