Water Bottles, Coasters, and Blessing Gift Sets

Because we believe in using drinking containers that are reusable, we carry a few different styles. Try one of them with your favorite blessing labels, or take a look at the combination sets we suggest.

Carry your blessing altar wherever you go. We believe in reusable bottles and we offer 2 recycled aqua glass bottles, one created in Italy and the other created in the USA.

Our Aqua Glass Water Bottle has a wavy pattern embossed on the outside, representing the flow of water. A narrowed waist allows space for blessing labels or blessing bands. Use that space to adorn using your own beautiful jewelry, bracelets, tassels, ribbons, braids, and bands. We will launch our bottle jewelry soon. In the meantime, use your Sacred Feminine Nature to express the beauty of water-love on your moveable altar.

The Love Bottle is perfect for adding amazing stickers in addition to water blessing labels.

We also feature labels from Mandala Arts, a popular and appealing artisan of spiritual art products.