3rd Chakra

3rd Chakra Blessing

Blessed is my ability to take action in service to myself and others.

The fires of my authentic self burn away any part that is unreal.

I'm grateful for the ability to go beyond fear toward action
 with autonomy and courage. Humor permeates my reality and I am confident.


The Right to Act

The 3rd Chakra requires we use our will to take action and engage in purposeful service to ourselves and others. A balanced third chakra contributes to pleasure and harmony using power with balance. Using this energy center, ambition surfaces as creativity with ease and grace. Consciousness permeates action as a spiritual warrior uses the fire in the belly to make positive contributions in the material world. Autonomy, self-esteem, spontaneity and a sense of humor accompany the power traits of this chakra. It is the right of all individuals to act

Chakra Details

Music Note: E
Color: Yellow
Stones: Amber
Planet: Mars
Animals: Ram, Lion
Element: Fire
Meaning: Balanced Power
Orientation: Self-Definition
Identity: Ego Gratification
Demon: Shame
Archetype: Magician, Warrior
Part of Body: Liver, kidneys, digestive system              

Attributes of this Chakra:

Positive - Reliable, balanced, playful, warm, diplomatic, intuitive

Negative - Aggressive, deceitful, violent temper, stubborn, arrogant, intolerant, cruel

Physical Ailments when unbalanced:

Illness in stomach, pancreas, liver, eating disorders, kidneys, digestive illnesses