4th Chakra Blessing

Blessed is my ability to love myself and others.
Where love is missing,
I replenish with divine compassion.

My connection to myself makes love available to all others.

With universal compassion, I bless the heart of All.


The Right to Love

The 4th Chakra is literally the heart of the chakra system, balancing the worlds of spirit and matter, as it sits with three chakras above and three below. It governs the energetic principles of love, which contribute to balanced relationship; and it is the balance within self that allows relationships to flourish and deepen at all. As the heart sends energy (pranayama) out to all aspects of spirit and matter through a breathing technique, this breath moves through the heart chakra and in doing so, takes on the unique vibration of the person’s heart. This vibration becomes their identifying mark in the world. It is the right of each individual to love.

Chakra Details

Music Note: F
Color: Green
Stones: Emerald, Rose Quartz
Planet: Venus
Animals: Ox, Elephant
Element: Air
Meaning: Inner Sound
Orientation: Self-Acceptance
Identity: Social
Demon: Grief
Archetype: Christ Aphrodite
Part of Body: Immune System, Chest, Heart, Circulation System, Lungs                  

Attributes of this Chakra:

Positive - Reliable, balanced, playful, warm, diplomatic, intuitive

Negative - Aggressive, deceitful, violent temper, stubborn, arrogant, intolerant, cruel

Physical Ailments when unbalanced:

Heart ailments, breathing issues, emotional wellbeing disruption, arm pain, injury or other afflictions