5th Chakra

5th Chakra Blessing

Blessed is my ability to express authentically.
My voice is strong and clear and I am able
to communicate my needs and desires with honesty and clarity.
Blessed is this transcendent passage to higher consciousness
and I am grateful for the gift of sound in my life.


The Right to Speak and Be Heard

The 5th Chakra requires we use our will to move the breath out through the throat where it turns into sound and communication. Purification occurs when this chakra is open. The 16 petals represent the 16 vowel sounds that open the upper chakras revealing expansive spiritual dimensions. Communication through the voice is often called the transcendent passage as the 5th chakra connects the lower chakras with the higher ones. Sound gives spirit form. It is the right of all individuals to speak and be heard.

Chakra Details:

Music Note: G
Color: Bright Turquoise Blue
Stones: Turquoise
Planet: Mercury      
Animals: Elephant, Bull
Element: Ether, Sound       
Meaning: Purification
Orientation: Self-Expresion
Identity: Creative
Demon: Lies 
Archetype: Hermes, Saraswati
Part of Body: Mouth, throat, jaw          

Attributes of this Chakra:

Positive – Good listener, clear communicator, creative, inclusive
Negative – Fear of speaking, weak voice, shy, poor rhythm, gossipy, impotence, doubt, cowardice

Physical Ailments when unbalanced:

Tooth problems, throat ailments, neck injuries, respiratory system, lungs, jaw misalignment