7th Chakra

7th Chakra Blessing

Blessed is my right to know and learn. I am guided by higher purpose.
I choose my Gods well, keeping spirituality balanced in my life.
I ask for and await answers from the world, which is my teacher.
I am open to new ideas and share them with others without attachment.
I am grateful for the divinity which resides within me.

7th Chakra Right

The Right to Know and Learn

The 7th Chakra opens the process of knowing and understanding what lies beyond the physical world. Crown chakra wisdom is more important than intellect. To be enlightened, this chakra must be fully open in order to connect with a higher vibration of knowledge, the higher mind, the Christ mind and the mind of God. Linked with compassion, this chakra allows humans to attain enlightenment and impart it to others. All spiritual practices are useless unless the 7th chakra has been opened to the point where we are able to receive the knowledge that will help all. It is the right of each individual to know the mystery.

Chakra Details

Music Note: B
Color: Violet 
Stones: Amethyst, Diamond
Planet: Uranus
Animals: none
Element: Thought
Meaning: Union
Orientation: Self-Knowledge
Identity: Universal
Demon: Attachment
Archetype: Sage
Part of Body: Pineal Gland, brain, right eye, pituitary

Attributes of this Chakra:

Positive – Understanding, intelligence open-mindedness, spiritual connection, wisdom, mastery

Negative – Spiritual abuses, religious addiction, rigid beliefs, cynacism, greed, disassociation from body

Physical Ailments when unbalanced:

Migraines, brain tumors, cognitive dissonance, head injuries