OM Blessing

Blessed is my right to connect to all that is, past, present, and future.
My OM Blessing unifies Masculine and Feminine in sound and consciousness,
resolving into The One as it opens the transcendent gateway to the divine.
Through OM I realize the promise of true liberation and ultimate peace.


The Right to Connect to All That Is

OM represents the three stages of existence in our reality – birth, life, and death. It also resonates to the highest realization in this lifetime, which is Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. The premordial sound is vocalized in three distinct nasal tones: ah-ow-mmm. Ah-ow is the sound of the feminine. MMM is the sound of the masculine. By blending them together they represent the balanced polarities of creation. OM is one of the names of God used by many religious traditions. OM is also symbolic for the energy of creation. In sound therapy, OM vibrates the heart chakra, and the crown chakra (4th and 7th) at the same time creating a gateway to the transcendent passage – an energy portal to higher conscious wisdom. This wisdom is only accessed in the illumination of white light, the halo above the seventh chakra.

Chakra Details:

Music Note: B
Color: Violet
Stones: Amethyst, Diamond
Planet: Uranus
Animals: None
Element: Thought
Meaning: Union
Orientation: Self-Knowledge
Identity: Universal
Demon: Attachment
Archetype: Sage
Part of Body: Pineal Glad, Pituitary, Brain, Right Eye

Attributes of this Chakra:

Positive - Understanding, intelligence, open-mindedness, spiritual connection, wisdom, mastery

Negative - Spiritual abuses, disassociation from body, religious addiction, rigid beliefs, cynicism, greed

Physical Ailments when unbalanced:

Heart palpitations, migraine headache, tinnitus, breathing problems