Becoming a Meta-Master

You arrived here because you are a wise and curious person.
We are collectively wise people who visit this site.
Step in and travel spiritual pathways with us.

We’ve learned from our experiences and made space for the unknown to awaken our minds and enrich our hearts. We work, play, create and enjoy our social experiences; but we do so in ways that allow space for many “realities” to exist, often at the same time. You and I are the same in this regard and you are just as curious as I am about different realities and new possibilities. Everything in our physical world is changing rapidly. To enhance our ability to navigate this morphing existence, we need access to our metaphysical tools, and sometimes, we even need our spiritual first aid kit. As seasoned travelers of the twisty roads through alternative realities we proceed with courage on our journey to enlightenment and there is a definite path for us. We just need to claim it.

This metaphysical mind-tripping we do is not for the weak. To go against the grain and to believe in “other” possibilities is to stand tall and rise above a normal and safe existence to experience the extraordinary. I know about that. Yes, there is always the fear our heads might be chopped off (metaphorically speaking.) And yes, I have done it for over 50 years. The “chopping” potential is always there, but we learn to stay strong, be brave, and rise up with vim and vigor.

Water Blessing Labels have been around for 20 years and assisted millions of spirit walkers to find their power in ways that connect them to the natural energies of the Earth. We support your awakening and illumination through the astounding transformational Spirit of Water. The more you know about water, the deeper your Meta-Mastery goes. Water is our healer and teacher. Select your words from 75+ word collections and let water carry your intentions.  

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This website offers waves of alternative thought streams and solid, safe ways to navigate the churning seas of our chaotic, confusing world. One thing is certain…we all own the metaphysical realms and we all own the creation process. So own it boldly! Being a Meta-Master is not for sissies. It takes guts and glory to cut your own path. My hope is that something on this site can help inspire you on your way.