Blessing Labels for Maidens, Mothers and New Souls

We honor the divine stages of womanhood from the Sacred Feminine, to the Divine Mother. As women fulfill their lifelong destiny of creating and supporting life on the planet, the various stages require new blessing possibilities to address the growing consciousness of the Female presence so she can hold the frequency of love in the world.

These Water Blessing Collections cover the journey of a woman from birth to full spiritual resonance.

Feminine Rising Water Blessings

Feminine Rising:

This is a movement of inner love that expands outwardly. We assist women in loving themselves and honoring the inner light that will rise as she awakens into her power. This is the single most powerful energy known. These blessings capture the essence of truth in the Rising Feminine Spirit that gives birth to consciousness, heals and teaches others, awakens logic and reason, defeats sorrow and conflict, eases pain, and offers generous and supportive energies as needed. She reflects beauty, compassion and enlightenment.

Mama Goddess:

We especially support the 9-Month journey of pregnancy. It is during this time that a woman comes into her full radiant beauty as she prepares to leave behind her maidenhood and gracefully enter the next stage of life. While many pregnant women feel unattractive, we know that there is powerful radiance beaming through her in more ways than mere cultural beauty standards could ever address. These blessings assist a woman during stages of physical stretching and emotional learning.











Baby Blessings:
As baby comes into the world, the Female Goddess protects and nurtures the tiny soul who has traveled with her from seed to sprout. A healthy baby is a joy to behold and love. We have created blessings for the growing love that happens between mother and child. We honor the journey of growth an infant makes with our whimsical, yet profound Baby Blessing labels. Consider this collection as a baby shower gift.

Angel's Watch:
This collection was inspired by the mother of a preemie. Her story is shared by thousands of women all over the world. We wanted to honor this difficult path of motherhood when baby comes too soon, or arrives with health challenges by creating a special collection of blessings just for mother. Baby is already surrounded with constant love and attention, but mother is often left to her own energies.

We know It is hard to believe miracles are happening when our babies and children face life challenges. Beneath the surface, a new reality is rearranging itself to accommodate new stages of learning and healing. A new consciousness is being birthed as Baby and Mother pass through dire straights together. The sacrifices of a mother don't always guarantee a potential for positive outcome. She worries, and questions God, or she remains in a state of confusion about her role, her strength, and the life of her infant. We are aware that this mother spends a lot of her time in hospitals dealing with the physical realities, sometimes disappointments, and the emotional impacts of this reality. They are enormous. These blessings offer ways to assure her there are sacred messengers – Angels – who have come to support her as she supports her child. When all apparent strength is gone, it is the Angel's Watch that is surrounding her and breathes new endurance into her weary body, mind, and spirit.