Balance body, mind, and spirit each day. Start with a meditative body scan to help you know what you need to strengthen or heal for the day. Then pour yourself a large glass of water and apply the Chakra Blessing Label(s) of your choice. Throughout the day sip on your enhanced water to empower the chakras you chose.

To learn more about chakras, click on each colorful button below and you will find detailed information about each of the 7 lower chakras, the 8th chakra, plus the influence of OM. The modernized Chakra Symbol Art depicted here were channeled in a rush of inner visions and were prepared on a computer nonstop during a marathon 12-hour art session from 8 p.m to 8 a.m. While they are modernized versions of the ancient Vedic art, they stay true to the original descriptions of the Vedic symbolism, but add significant dimensional perspectives not used in the original versions. Conversely,  the Symbols we’ve used on our Water Blessing Collection match that original Vedic Traditional art. Both are highly effective in offering a visual portal for chakra enhancement 
See our Chakra Water Blessing Labels & read about their meanings: