Color Healing Baths

using Colored Candles

This bath helps to open the energy in specific parts of your body by affecting the chakra centers through the resonance of color. You will need colored candles, towels or cloths, and items of color to decorate your bathroom for this ritual.

Hang colored scarves or drapes over the mirrors and windows in your bathroom. Drape the toilet and sink with the same color if possible. If not, use some neutral color to vanish the existence of these fixtures, since they represent the removal of energy, while the bath tub represents the holding of energy.

Create an altar visible from your tub.(on the toilet is a good place) Adorn it with flowers and items of the color you wish to work with. Use candles on the altar but save one colored candle to use specifically for the tub. Provide an empty vessel and leave it there until after your bath. Ask spirit to keep it pure until you fill it.

Fill your tub. Before you get in, light your colored candle and wave the smoke around over the water. As you do so, pray to the water to accept the healing messages you send through the smoke and water. Ask for purification. Holding the lighted candle, step into the tub and lower yourself into the water. Keep the candle burning after you have seated yourself.(be careful of hot wax drips on delicate bare skin) Ask for the highest good for yourself and others and then immerse the lighted candle into the water. Let it remain there for the length of your bath. Sit back, relax, and envision the color you have chosen surrounding your consciousness. When you are finished soaking, dry yourself with a towel of the color you selected, or use white to remain in the resonance of the color. Thank the water for holding the frequency, fill your smalll container with a small amount of your bath water. Use this and your colored candle that was in the water on your altar for a week.

Red - This color heals fear, and issues of self-confidence increasing personal power and grounding, imparting a feeling of safety and peace in the world. It strengthens energy, strength, power, grounding, and connection to the earth.

Orange - The center of creation, sensuality and partnership are strengthened when you bathe using the heat of desire to create a compassionate union of balance and harmony. It enhances vitality, stimulation, adaptability, and success. It heals relationship difficulties, sexual issues.

Yellow - Communication, creative expression, and courage are amplified using yellow or gold. You will find extra personal power to express yourself in your unique ways. Clairvoyance is enhanced, memory improved, and disposition made more positive. Clears communication blocks.

Green - The heart opens wide when soothed with the color of nature's growth and renewal. Use green to invigorate your ability to see love and be love. Imparts good luck, fertility, and harmony. Calms, heals a broken heart.

Aqua - The hypothalamus helps protect you from EMFs and unwanted negative frequencies, strengthening your immune system

Turquoise - Speaking your truth, expressing from your heart and setting your boundaries are made easier by accepting the healing resonance of turquoise. It heals resentment and brings forgiveness as it calms and allows for mental clarity.

Indigo Blue - All wisdom comes from the ability to understand through compassion. Intuition comes from a mind that is open to all wisdom seen and unseen. Bathing in Blue strengthens the center of all knowing. It improves dignity and psychic awareness. Use it when great spiritual power is needed. Can be used to break spells.

Purple - Open your consciousness to the Great Mystery and allow an open path to God / Creator / Great Spirit. Those who seek this channel will benefit greatly by using purple in this healing ritual. Magic and mysticism is increased when opening this chakra. Also psychic and spiritual connections become wide open and become a viable avenue for physical healing.

Pink - Emotional healing, friendship, affection, and harmony. Use when lonely, or confused. Pink restores self-love and personal power while calming the mind and ending negative chatter in the mind.

Rainbow - Use all chakra colors to amplify all energy centers equally, creating perfect harmony in body, mind and spirit.