Choose to contemplate on one or more of these Blessings taken from each of the Water Blessing Collections shown. Learn from The Power of Yes, Buddha Nature, Divine Masculine, and I AM Awake. Each will bless your water for as long as you wish.



I love Me 2

The higher power of 2 means we give ourselves supreme and divine permission to love our higher sacred self. This is not about egotism, but about recognition This blessing empowers us to remember who we are, what we come from (light), reach higher, live life fuller, and share our blessings with others. When using this blessing be prepared to see yourself in a new light, a more positive light, and a more holy light. All life decisions will be affected by this new realization.



Embody Worthiness

Our fundamental nature is pure like a seed. In cultivating our lives we often experience many challenges that influence how the seed will bloom; and yet, our inner flower maintains its worthiness to bloom, no matter what life has given it. Worthiness is part of living on earth. We have a right to be here in whatever form we show up in. Our powerful inner directive has already installed perfection no matter what we face. We are worthy and can carry that essence in all we do.



Awakened Warrior

An awakening man rises higher from the authenticity of his soul-given masculine power and becomes a holy version of the traditional male role. He tempers his raw masculine energy through his heart as he develops the courage to look inward. He transforms destructive beliefs and behaviors He uses his power to achieve results that benefit all life in respectful ways. While he continues to rely on his innate capacity for responsiveness, bravery, and assertiveness, he is heartfully committed to a nonviolent, non-aggressive lifestyle. He grows humble, generous and benevolent.



I AM Truth

Truth is power in all cases. When we radiate the energy of truth, we take our place among a huge cadre of enlightened souls on earth and beyond who are guiding all beings toward greater universal peace and harmony. As a truth-bearer, your life walk becomes easy, since there are no lies to protect and no shadows to hide your clear brilliant light. When you choose to walk in truth, you have chosen the most blissful, loving decision you can make for yourself. A huge burden is lifted and inner peace prevails.