How awakened do you have to be before your presence on earth is considered divine? 
How much caring or knowing
would a divine human exhibit?

All of the qualities of the Divine Human Collection have infinite levels of attainment within each simple state of being. As an awakened being, you may resonate to a higher level in one or the other, or in many. Most humans, however, are stopped because they don't know how to embrace the qualities of the opposite gender and still remain true to their orientation.

Yin and Yang are always opposite, yet always equal qualities. They are two sides of the same coin. In this collection, the highest attributes of the Masculine and Feminine have become a 12-point mandala, the center of which represents the origin of life energy in our dimension. The 12 qualities of the Divine Human contribute to the wholeness of humanity. By meditating on these words and the mandala, the heart sees a clear path to express life as a divine combination of Masculine and Feminine.


Opposites are necessary to create a whole power that assures the most potent infusion of energy. Through their unique characteristics and qualities, opposites help each other define their human imprint creating a corresponding space where one side nests precisely into the side of the other. One side cannot exist alone, although, in our dimension, a void is always filled by the existing strongest energy. When the Feminine was suppressed, the Masculine filled the void, and not with the greatest of outcomes. Our current patriarchal culture has existed without a complete presence of female energy to balance the male power and this has caused many poor choices on the planet, resulting in war, genocide, earth resource depletion, abuse of animals, loss of species, and abuse of women and children.  Balance needs to be restored. It can be. It must come from the Sacred Female. She needs to rise in her power. The Sacred Masculine needs to temper his power with feminine qualities. Together, the Divine Human saves the planet.

When male and female each maintain their individual qualities, and adopt some of the higher qualities of the other, what was once considered friction becomes fusion and a strong power source for humanity is generated from a cooperative, co-creative core rather than from a destructive basis of competition and control. 

When women embrace their power, men will adjust theirs. We are always at choice in every moment, and today, we choose the Divine path.