Feng Shui Blessings

Feng Shui offers endless possibilities by focusing transformative Ch'i into the fixed places and patterns of your life – like your home, your workplace, etc. Water carries your intentions in the form of optimum vibrations that allow the transformation of sacred sanctuaries to become balanced through your awakened consciousness. This affects both in your physical world, as well as your inner world. Use these symbols to begin experiencing new balance in the heart or the bagua of your personal universe.

Place Feng Shui symbols on drinking water containers, mirrors, windows, etc. They can alter the energies within yourself or within your space. In our Feng Shui Collection of Water Blessing Labels, we offer life enhancements that are beneficial to everyone's journey. Specifically, these symbols can modify energy quickly within the mind and subconscious awareness so that outward changes can occur.

We are blessed with our ability to attain deep understanding from simply looking at these brush symbols and geometric configurations. Through the ages, they have been able to convey and merge intangible and supernatural rays of truth into these single graphic images that take us to a point of knowing without using our cognitive skills. We just know what we are being shown. A single viewing of a symbol can transform consciousness, behaviors, understanding, and well being. We are forever changed by the symbols we gaze upon.

Using this diagram, note where you enter your space (house or office) and read all the areas of that enclosure relating them to the 9 spaces shown here. If you are missing spaces or some are larger, consider those areas in need of special treatments, remedies or energy balancing.

Each of the 14 symbols in our collection represent ancient Chinese energies that were established by mystics and diviners. Using Feng Shui Symbols helps bring earth-based mystical significance to present usages. They also convey a broader principle than words can explain. When you use a symbol on your water, the resonance of that broad concept influences all molecules to align with the principles and become a carrier of that power. These religious symbols come from many wisdom traditions and honor the highest manifestations possible. Use them with great humility, for they carry profound messages from our ancestors.

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 Feng Shui Symbols