2024 carries the energy of plenty, rewards, and prosperity. Miracles are forming now.

IN 2024
Realize the winner you already are!

Numerology sets the potential, but we create our own story using our intention.

Here is a quick breakdown:

THE TWOs... (2 of them)
Feminine Grace and Power (doubled!!!) 
Luck (doubled!!!)
Your twos will be in your favor as monetary benefits arrive in order to help you get out of crisis. Personal power will help guide your best choices. Grace brings new beginnings. Relationships flourish. Collaborations offer extra potential. Enjoy the power of 2, doubled.

One is of pure origin, and another is the sum of 2+2 
Focus, efficiency, and wise decisions are attained easily with the influence of the 4s. This number always comes to your aid. You will face hard situations and you will master them because you have the power to do so. But, you are not just thrown into the fire... you are the fire. Your energy for accomplishment is voracious. Number 4 puts you squarely into a heads-down approach to life and work, but it is also about the pleasure of accomplishment and the pride in doing something well.

The number 8 is associated with wealth, prosperity, success, and status. For this reason starting or running a business is considered auspicious, especially with your 4 influences. Opportunities come from hard work with the 4s, but rewards come from the energetic power of the 8. Creative solutions come from the 2s and they lead your intentions into original and creative expressions that can be rewarded well. Expect those opportunities, and expect abundance in whatever you attempt this new year.

The collections below carry the energy of rewards, accomplishment, and prosperity.