Healing is an inside job

These Water Blessing Collections of words and phrases can help us bless ourselves and others so healing can happen.

Peaceful Easy HealingWater For Life

When we feel there is something wrong, we seek medical advice and treatment; but the truth is, all healing happens using our own power and determination. The body withers and dies if it is not loved and supported with good food, good thoughts, and good love. A doctor cannot tell us how to love ourselves. A medical practitioner can only tell us what works to stop our symptoms. This is rarely true healing;  and as such, we must decide if we will follow the advice or listen to our inner source of information for the specific healing treatments we need. 

An illness may require us to seek spiritual connection. It could be caused by lack of good nutrition. We carry pain and fear in our bodies and when we start to see symptoms, those conditions have already been around long enough to affect our cells. Our body knows how to heal itself, but we must listen to what it needs, and then work to make that happen. Healing is an inside job because nothing can heal on the outside if the inside has not been addressed.