Every blessing is the act of

allowing our truth to influence
our subconscious mind...

Infinite intelligence already knows
how to make all blessings flow in the
right direction once we cast them
to the stream.

Drink Blessed Water Every Day.
Use blessed water in your daily practices.
Water is your best medicine.

Healing intentions become realities with well-chosen words and thoughts. This is the energy that carries healing intentions. Water, the drink for all beings, carries vibrations that cannot be understood by scientists; but those who understand the energies of natural earth elements will say that water is a holy commodity and when blessed, it carries the intention of the senders. This is why priests bless water and call it "holy." This is why people visit bodies of water for healing all over the world. It is because the water carries something beyond human understanding, and it is something only faith will reveal.


Water that emerges from underground and experiences its first exposure to light and air is thought to be most sacred, having emerged with all the resonance of the heart of the Earth still alive within its cells. 

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COLOR HEALING BATH -This bath helps to open the energy in specific parts of your body by affecting the chakra centers through the resonance of color. 

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FACTS ABOUT WATER  - Even though surface water quality has improved in the United States and Western Europe in the past 20 years (at least with respect to phosphorus concentrations), worldwide conditions appear to have degraded in almost all regions with intensive agriculture and large urban or industrial areas. If you want to be more aware of how water works in your body, you need to know where it comes from and what it encounters before you use it. Read More

USING THE HEALING POWER OF HADO - The study of Hado was first explored by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Hado is a Japanese word that means "wave", or "move," but the official definition of Hado, as used by Dr. Emoto is "the smallest unit of energy has the greatest power. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness."... read more

SOUND AND WATER HEALING - Medical healers from ancient cultures believed that our organs resonate or vibrate at the same rate as musical notes. Through the years, this has been proven conclusively. With each note, there is a particular ripple pattern formed within the fluid of a cell, an organ or the entire blood and circulatory system, especially when the note is sung with the natural voice. This is called a Cymatic pattern, and when the sound produces this wave pattern, it affects subtle energies in our bodies... read more