If you love the magic and mysticism of water, or the mystical power of earth, or if you are drawn to the energies of the cosmos, you are a spirit walker and can use your energy to create new dreams and visions.

Use the power of your intentions
with words that inspire you 

See our many Water Blessing Label collections that will help light your way

Sacred symbol

We have selected natural totems and sacred spiritual items to nurture your process. Call on the strong earth energies in stones, crystals, shells, wood, and herbs to amplify your Water Blessings and to enhance your intentions. Use our mystic and shamanic journey items and create a ritual for transformation using altar items to create a power grid where you can reach beyond this reality into others.


Portable altars help create sacred space… Our wide selection of altar items and Tiny Altars help create moveable ceremonies. Be open and ready for prayers, meditations, ritual, or ceremonies wherever you are. Our selection features divine objects to enhance all practices.The power of earth elements working together will awaken the mysteries within and help you manifest your dreams  



Nearly every order contains one or more of these collections.