The Origin of Manifestation

I AM is our true being. It is our real nature, ourself without any influences. It is our real identity, the Presence of God and All Living Power within us. It is the Indwelling Christ Consciousness. That is who we are, and whatever we attach to I AM with conviction, that is what we ARE and that is what we EXPERIENCE. This certainly makes a good case for being mindful whenever following the words, "I am..." with some kind of idea.

I AM is a statement of being that transcends all dimensions. It can be felt and experienced as a unique sense of connection with Life. When we affirm I AM statements daily our soul becomes totally identified with the truth of that statement at the very depths of consciousness where all human perceptions cease to influence the outcome and where all creation originates.

When we say, I AM Light, imagine the sun’s infinite energizing power. It penetrates every cell of creation. Nothing would exist in our dimension without the sun. Sunlight is the source of all Creation on Earth. When we affirm I AM statements, remember the power of the sun and feel its radiance permeate the mind, body, and spirit. Feel this deeply. since light is the carrier wave of love, without light there would be no acts of Creation. Light and love energize Creation.

The third chakra, Manipura is the portal through which the power of I AM manifestation enters our physical reality. It is also the physical location in the body where intersecting nerves radiate outward and energize the rest of the body. Courage is born there and intuition is first felt there. It is no coincidence this area is called the Solar Plexus. This is where all power is transformed into action.

When we identify with I AM and the power of the sun, there is a natural alignment with creative impulse. This sets up a magnetic attraction field. The only way the attraction field is subdued is when the outer conditions of thought or existence block the flow of light. 

The flow of I AM Light dissolves all resistance allowing us to live in the glow of infinite creative power. It is important to refresh Light daily. Use positive affirmations and I AM statements 
to keep the energy field alive.

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