Water Blessings work perfectly with the Law of Attraction. Dr. Emoto re-introduced the world to this concept 20 years ago. Now, here we are, still working with the energy of manifestation. Here is the scoop.

The Law of Attraction works because we create a magnet field that brings to us whatever we focus on. If we focus on lack or challenges, that will surely bring more of that to us. If we focus on the perfect outcome, we also bring that to us.

Water carries an imprint of whatever our thoughts reveal. When our bodies are influenced by the water we drink, we could be drinking something so blessed and beneficial, or we could be drinking the energetic equivalent of sewer water. It all depends on you. What do you want to drink? 

Dr. Emoto's work revealed how destructive negative thoughts can be on our bodies, minds, and spirits. Water, the great communicator of life, carries energy throughout the world. We might be drinking water that is filled with thoughts of death and destruction, fear, pain, or peril. Or we can be drinking water that is filled with thoughts of peace, joy, happiness, wellness, and abundance. This is why it is important to always bless our food and water before ingesting it. Priests have known this for thousands of years. Holy Water has been made pure by the prayers of evolved beings. Our own blessings transform water into liquid prayers. 

Water Blessing Labels offer special words that help create the most beneficial magnet field to attract what we want. In addition to the word blessings on our water, we can set up our altars with items that represent the things we want. Don't forget to change your thoughts about your life. There is no room for disbelief. Trust the Universe to bring you what you want. If you don't give up, the Universe won't give up either.

These labels represent concepts, not actual desires. When we master the energy of the concept it gives us greater ability to create our reality.

Law of Attraction Water Blessing Labels