By Shara Gardner

When I was working on the illustration of the evolution of consciousness as a work of art, (from a Lemurian perspective) many important concepts rose in my mind and became part of the art in a way that helps the awakening of higher dimensional reality. During the process, five important words were given to me that would unlock Lemurian DNA coding within each of us, which would help in the transition from 3D to 5D or higher.

In my original vision, the words were called “Pillars of Lemurian Consciousness.” They are guides for the five stages of expansion. The words are: Reveal, Remember, Rejuvenate, Resonate, and Reclaim. I later found similar references to some of these words channeled by Lee Carroll and Kryon, Lemurian illuminaries. Each of the concepts are important references as to how to reclaim Lemurian Lightbody Awakening. Whether or not you believe in the influences of Lemuria and the other influences from the Pleiades and other planets, the wisdom is powerful and easily to assimilate in limited 3D language and understanding. Bear in mind,  the visual images I received of the Pillars were all crystals, and together, as all 5 were learned and mastered, they built a divine structure of wisdom, much like a crystalline temple. 

Pillars are an important concept of support used in architecture, both ancient and modern. Think of strength and endurance. Think of stability and dependability. All these relate to our Lemurian heritage and evolution, if we chose to believe and follow that method of evolution. Of course, there are many ways to become enlightened and we honor all of them. The information of the pillars of consciousness came through channeled information through many like myself, who happened to receive messages or dreams that lead us to explore further.

The pillars represent pathways to reclaim higher levels of understanding. In doing so, we remember and rejuvenate Lemurian traits and behaviors that are deemed to be of a more peaceful and pure origin than normal 3D existence. Those traits were given to us by our Pleiadian Star Mothers, and still exist today even though many of our Lemurian ancestors may have forgotten their significance. Descendants or Starseeds from Lemurian origins can use the pillar references to follow a very definite process of re-awakening.

Using the five pillar words as guides for stages of awakening (or a progression of re-imagination as it was shown in my vision), a user will begin with the 1st Pillar, which prompts a deep third dimensional revealing process. It is a process that must be integrated into any movement toward the light. All religions and all traditions honor this process. We must reveal our false identities that have protected us in a reality that values life in false ways. Using the 1st Pillar suggestions, the Water Blessing Label system features 8 suggestions and explanations that help open the user to concepts they can adopt to set new intentions. These concepts are powerful agents of change when used within water. Water is the liquid crystal that reaches all cells, all beings, and all levels of consciousness. When we change our water, we have effectively changed the molecules in our bodies, which then change how we think, grow, and evolve. 

After the first pillar, we move into a stage of remembrance of Lemurian star knowledge; then rejuvenation of 3D coding in preparation for integration into higher dimensions where the center of our spirit reconnects with the center of the Earth. Finally we arrive at a point where we can integrate with the resonance of our advanced knowledge of energies. In the final phase we reclaim our Lemurian wholeness, which is a vibrational awareness of our Light Body, the imprint of our Ka. We also reclaim skills and powers. It is at the final stage where we truly understand the I AM presence. Until this point, few humans have ever felt the greatest empowerment of all existence using the I AM knowing. 

The 5 Pillars are linked to use within the Lemurian Journey Board, game, grid and oracle system. In using the system as a game,  there is no competition, and no performance goals in traditional game mode. But each player is moved in emotional awareness toward loving, reaching, growing, and evolving in joy and harmony. These are the only goals awakened Lemurians have ever sought.

 I realized toward the finishing of the Water Blessing Labels and the journey board, all suggestions appear to represent the female center of Earth and higher consciousness. It is with great hope and deep compassion that the male perspective toward planetary dominance be softened, guided, and re-learned through the feminine heart and mind of love, fueled by the extreme purity of light.

In tracing the path of consciousness from the darkness of the false-Earth identities to the lightness of Lemurian Truth, each individual’s DNA would become influenced by the awakening; and our evolution would begin to shift human consciousness. During the passage through the Pillars of 1 through 3, we must come to know and accept our human 3D duality and false shadow behaviors before we can transform them into light in order to build the crystalline temple within.

By re-introducing Sophia as the spiritual keeper of knowledge, which is the infinite potential of humankind, we can feel her presence as the Feminine Earth essence of the Heart. This awareness enables us to also embody the magnificence of Gaia, Sophia’s daughter, and a metaphor for our human connection to the Earth and all inhabitants. It became crystal clear to me while working on the board, Sophia and Gaia really are the entire heart, mind, and physical body of Earth based reality. They are inseparable energies, but often humans represent them as separate realities. Intertwined, they form a complete noosphere surrounding Planet Earth. They lead us to a natural process of reprogramming our spiritual consciousness as we are guided toward a higher evolution that must take place in the trinity of the three, (body, mind, spirit) on Earth before we might ever reclaim our sacred cosmic alignment and spiritual empowerment.

I was guided to create a visual and experiential system that would help us know ourselves more deeply while living in our intended earth-based reality. Our only mission is to ascend in consciousness, but not to leave or ascend from the planet. Just the opposite. All light workers and spiritual beings, and especially Lemurians have been called to help Planet Earth reach a higher vibration of love. We are Gaia, the body; and we are Sophia, the wisdom-heart. We are the memories. When we evolve, She evolves.