More About The Spirit of Water

In 2003, Water Blessing Labels™, and The Spirit of Water® became synonymous with the energy of gratitude, love, sharing, healing, and awakening. Dr. Masaru Emoto introduced his research with the consciousness of water, and from there, water awareness became a widespread devotional practice.

We have served spiritual seekers all over the planet with this simple goal in mind... to provide inspired gifts for personal growth and expanded consciousness that allow the benevolent energies of water to reach us on the smallest atomic level.

We wanted to make a difference in the world through the subtle realms of mass consciousness. What better way than to send blessings through water? The work of Dr. Emoto became our original inspiration and from there, we created inspired water blessing labels to help broaden his Japanese-origin water messages by creating westernized spiritual words and concepts.

It is estimated today that over 2 million of our water blessing labels have been prayed over as they sit, silently "Transforming Water into Liquid Prayers™" We like to think our blessings become the lingering ripples of truth from the tiny pebble of intention we originally dropped into the waters in 2003.

Our blessings, thoughts, words, are transmitted through the water we drink and they enter our bodies and minds through sound waves and atomic thought waves carried by the water.

When we bless our water before drinking or immersing in baths, pools, or natural waters, the water that we interact with, and the water that remains in our bodies holds the resonance of the intentions we share with it. This can also be water in any form, like mist, steam, ice, or vapor. All molecules carry elements of consciousness through our own drinking or personal use water to the vast world waters that are shared with all beings since time began.  


After our partnership of three dissolved in 2007, Shara Gardner re-created The Spirit of Water in a new image, creating all new designs to reflect her deep love of water. She was very consistent about weaving her own spiritual practices involving water into the words and images as her own wisdom guides her.

Over 40 new collections of Water Blessing Labels have been produced since 2008. They come and go, like tides. Sometimes a collection remains for years while others only appear for a short amount of time and then disappear. Each represents a rising awareness of the needs of certain words to represent the needs of those who are facing life challenges or becoming more expansive, awakened souls all over the world. 

Most of Shara's artistic inspiration comes from her deep and involved relationship with water. She hears messages through water and feels their impact. If the messages are strong and persistent, a new collection is born. Having practiced an awakened spiritual journey for most of her adult life, she is attuned with the sound of water and the properties that influence all life. Blessing water is just one way to honor this mysterious element. She is also involved in water shamanism, political water activism, clean water initiatives, and ocean-friendly water practices.

The previous partners of The Spirit of Water, ( Vitaliy Geyman and Jasna Pecaric, a married couple) re-invigorated their interest in providing water blessings. They now offer some of the older collections from our original offerings in 2004, as well as a few of their new creations. If you wish to contact either of the formers partners, you can find them at this website: