100% of all profits from these items go to support Nepal
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We are showing our support for the relief efforts in Nepal by sharing 100% of the profits from these gifts shown. Each one was inspired by Hindu / Buddhist traditions, as practiced by the Nepalese people. We have learned much from them and one way we give back is by supporting them in a time of need. See the work they are doing: http://earthquakerelief.cglf.org/how-to-help/

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Meditation WrapExtra Large Yoga / Meditation Wrap - $45.00

Made in Nepal - 70% wool acrylic / 30% Cotton
45" x 96" 
Use this beautiful, deep ocean blue and purple wrap at home or for yoga. It is light to carry yet cozy warm during meditation or shavasana as a barrier from the cold floor. Use as a shawl or hood to keep away the outside world as you journey or meditate. Use it during yoga exercises, folded as a pillow/prop or as a cushion. Or use it at home to wrap yourself in blue, a place of sanctuary and inner peace connected to water consciousness.

























Buddha Nature Water Blessing Labels - $10.95

Use these blessings to inspire an awakened approach to life. People in Nepal have practiced ancient Hinduism and Buddhism as a traditional lifestyle. This collection uses words and phrases from Buddhist and other Hindu traditions.







Rasa Inspiration BlessingsRasa Water Blessing Labels - $10.95
This collection was inspired by the process of chanting prayers and self-awareness. Both Buddhism and Hinduism use the practices for deep spiritual connection and physical healing. Rasa is a quality of expression that can be enhanced with chant, dance, or other movement forms. Let these blessings bring a new sense of inner wisdom to your life as you live the expressive arts in all you do.






Om Mani Padme Hum Blessing Coaster - $12.00

 This laminated cork coaster blesses your water from the base up. The verse is one of the oldest and most compassionate blessings used throughout Buddhism & Hinduism








Om Mani Padme Hum - Silicone Bottle Wrap Band - $7.95
This is a memory coil band that encircles your bottle and stays snug. It is like having a cushioned grip space on glass or metal.
Clings to any silicone bottle, too. Radiates a constant blessing for compassion and love. Can also be used as a wrist or ankle cuff.

9" x 1" BPA Free Silicone etched with Om Symbol and Blessing Verse


Bottle shown for example only.


 This bottle is not part of the set.  












Order all 5 items - $75.00 / Free Shipping on all orders in USA