As Pink sings, "the world's been spinning, since the beginning, and everything will be alright"... Well, it will be alright, but humans may need to make some much needed modifications. Here are some of the ways we can evolve into a significantly greater human experience through our earth awareness. Think of water and this is the first clue about changes we need to make in order to advance our species. What do we do with water on Planet Earth? We toxify it. We disrespect it. We Disregard it. We can do better, and we must.

You are part of everything that exists in 3D and remember you are a Lemurian Starseed. You, and your thoughts, are the living Temple of Gaia. This is very profound. You are a sacred vessel. Think about that. This means everything you do within the realm of your mind will affect Gaia, and it will manifest as sensations on Her Body and your body. It is your mission to create the New Earth from a new consciousness. What will you do first?

Earth ElementsShapeshift into one of the six Earth elements. Connect your feelings and observations with ways you can work within that element to bring about the New Earth. Speak about your insights. Act out or speak about your experience of being one of the following six elements.

    1. Air
    2. Fire
    3. Water
    4. Earth
    5. Spirit or Space
    6. Mind or Consciousness

Animal Realm: Most humans have had multiple lifetimes in different vessels and from different origins, including possible times in animal bodies. Choose a category of Other and channel ways you can make the Earth better for those creatures. This goes for domesticated animals, industrial animal production and pets, too. How can you make their lives better? Do you have great love for one of the animal forms? Shapeshift into that form and view the Earth through their eyes.

  1. 4-Leggeds
  2. Winged Ones
  3. Swimmers
  4. Crawlers

Plant Realm: How many times have you lived on Earth as a tree or plant? Life is experienced differently when our roots are planted in the soil and we experience our reality from one fixed position. Plants have no control over how they are used or abused by human-created chemicals or poor stewardship management. Agriculture has poisoned so many food plants which end up in our food chain. Shapeshift into the form you choose and view the Earth from your awareness. Express how it is for you to be a plant in human reality.

  1. The Standing Ones, large trees in forests
  2. Branching Ones, the bushes and low-growing plants, plants that live in the wetlands or oceans, plants that feed animals
  3. Herbs, human food crops, and trees that bear fruit 
  4. Plants for medicinal uses, journey, divination and altered                                               states, plants that are poisonous to one or more species
  5. Plants that bring joy and pleasure through flowers and vivid                              colors. Plants that are in containers.
  6. Plants that are harvested for timber or structural resources                                            for building human habitats

Crystal / Stone Realm: Sometimes we are attracted to a particular stone or crystal. Did you ever think you might have lived as stone? They are living things, and they hold energy. They grow and survive changing situations. Unless they are moved by some force, they mostly stay in one place forever, for eternity but evolve within themselves. This is one reason why some crystals seem to have more power than others. Shapeshift into a stone of these forms and view the Earth from the perspective of how they evolved.

  1. Sedimentary rocks, formed from layers of sand, decomposed matter and animal skeletons.
  2. Metamorphic rocks, naturally-occurring solid masses formed when they are constrained by other rocks. They become changed by heat and pressure underground as they take different shapes. That is the metamorphosis of the rock that happens sometimes over millions of years.
  3. Igneous rocks, formed from molten rock inside the Earth
  4.             or as magma from volcanos. They appear to have glassy
  5.             surfaces or irregular melted appearances.
  6. Crystals are minerals that are formed from the changing                                               chemical structures of soil, rocks or stones. Under the right                         conditions of heat and pressure, minerals become
  7.             crystalized structures.

Spirit Realm: As humans, we each experience life in various ways, most of them sentient. In a simple definition of Spirit, it is an unseen force that magnifies our understanding of life beyond human definition. Spirit is considered to be the mental functions of awareness, insight, understanding, judgement and other reasoning powers. Still, Spirit is not knowledge by itself, but is present in all life. Spirit is not belief or doctrine. Shapeshift into a form of Spirit as indicated below. Choose one option and speak about how that Spirit might experience itself. Use “I AM” sentences and present-time declarations to describe your awareness. (example: I AM Love. I bridge the space between conflict and cooperation).

  1. I AM The Spirit of Love
  2. I AM The Spirit of Water
  3. I AM The Spirit of Sound
  4. I AM The Spirit of Fire
  5. I AM The Spirit of Air
  6. I AM The Spirit of Earth
  7. I AM The Spirit of Creation
  8. I AM The Spirit of Knowing

Merkaba Portal: At this celebration point you receive a gift that reflects the initial glimmer of your Light Body Awareness. Your Golden Flower of Life Medallion is the symbol of your advanced connection to Gaia and the universe. After moving through the simple degrees of Earth awareness, you have rejuvenated your Lemurian DNA to the extent that you can now acknowledge yourself as an awakened aspect of Gaia, the body of the Earth. This is a new reality for you! You are reborn. You no longer think of yourself as a separate entity. After this activation, you are Earth and Earth is you, a feeling that will continue to become ingrained in your identity. This is very much like coming home to your true Lemurian self. A rush of new insights about your place on the planet and your connection to all beings is shown to you in vivid imagery and expression once you leave this Merkaba Portal. The Merkaba landing pad is a 3D energy field where you can return at any time to activate a container or vehicle of light around your own body.