NEW Water Blessings and Altar Items to enhance your journey.
Not long ago you were looking for spiritual insights that would expand your awareness. In a mesmerizing series of awakenings, you are now ready for the next level of spiritual growth. Our newest offerings as well as all the existing blessing collections will definitely help you on your path. 

New acquisitions from a Sister Business: We recently acquired all Water Blessing products created by Pearls of Wisdom when they decided to discontinue their business. As our long-time sister business, we are proud to carry-on their legacy creations here. We have repackaged them to maintain the integrity of The Spirit of Water’s brand, but nothing else has changed. May you find the blessings, books, oracles, and altar items that bring out the best for you.

The new collections are shown in a reduced size because of space limitations in our product sizing. This is the relationship of the new collections to our standard size collection.