Sacred Healing Rituals Using Water

"Where a spring rises or a water flows, there ought we to 
build altars and offer sacrifices.”
Lucius Annaeus Seneca
4 B.C. – 65 B.C


People search the world for sacred water sites where they can immerse and experience oneness with God. Healing water rituals have existed in all cultures since recorded time and are thought to have existed in pre-historic cultures for millions of years. Most ancient cultures maintain spiritual creation stories crediting water as the origin of life.

Mythological stories of water deities have been passed down through oral traditions, and many continue to live on in modern religions and ceremonial traditions. Every culture on earth has a spiritual reverence for water and uses water symbolically in ceremony, christenings, baptisms, and initiations.

Many shrines have been constructed to praise the element of water; and often, these particular sites attract hundreds of thousands of people who make regular pilgrimages to participate in water healing rituals.

When water emerges from underground it is right there where it experiences its first exposure to light. This is the water that is thought to be most sacred, having emerged with all the resonance of the heart of the Earth still within its cells. These sacred wellsprings may be found in very remote places. It is no surprise that people will travel through rugged terrain and suffer hardship in order to touch those pure waters. When water has flowed over rocks, minerals, soil and roots, the energies present in each molecule are bursting with electromagnetic energy and have not been distorted by human contact or toxic resonance.

You can create sacred water rituals wherever you are, and you don’t need to find pure springs or sacred sites. Here are some ways you can transform the energies of the water using whatever water you have access to.

An Offering Ceremony

Bring an offering to the water. If you are visiting the ocean, river or lake, bring a stone or an object that you have imbued with your love. Pray and express your gratitude for the healing and abundant flow of water where you are, and then dig a small hole near the water’s edge and place the object into the hole, and offer your prayers for the health of the water and for what you want to experience. Carefully covering the hole, release your prayers to the object you buried and then to the water. Visualize the resonance of your prayer seeping into the stream and flowing wherever that watercourse takes it.

Immersion Healing 

Find a place where the water seems especially clean and welcoming to you. You may do this ritual clothed, but is best to remove all clothing so the water can make contact with the entire surface of the body without taking on the resonance of clothing. Look for a private spot where you will not be disturbed or offend anyone who may happen to pass by. Pray at the water’s edge for your healing, your perfect vibrations to flow into your blood, your cells, your organs. Imagine that when you step into the water and then submerge yourself, the water will flow through you as if you are a net, taking with it all of the impurities which have contributed to your lack of wellbeing. Try to immerse yourself up to your neck, if only for a moment. If the water is cold, do not say in longer than 60 seconds. In this amount of time, your cells will be transformed. Thank the water for your healing, immediately wrap yourself in something warm. Dry yourself and leave an offering at the water’s edge to show your appreciation.

Sacred Water Healing
Collect rainwater or snowmelt water in a glass vase or jar. No plastic ever! Place a quartz crystal in the container and allow the water to sit for 10 days. During this time, keep the vessel on your altar or a place where it will be undisturbed completely. Each day, pray and send your healing blessings into the water morning and evening. At the end of the 10 day period, carry the vessel to a major water course in your community that may be polluted or carry some toxins (just about all of them do.) If you want, you may let the crystal flow out of the vessel into the water and become part of your offering. If you wish to retain your crystal, place a silk cloth over the vessel and pour the water through the silk. Pour the water with great joy and imagine that you are pouring the water of compassion into the public watercourse.

This container of water became healing medicine and will immediately begin to transform the public watercourse. Visualize the blessed water spreading out like a huge cloud, transforming all the toxic water it mixes with downstream. If you want to do this is in a more public way, invite hundreds of people from your community to participate. Each should bring a glass jar and collect a sample of the water from the place you wish to heal. Each person will take their jar of water home and pray and send love into the water. In ten days, call the group together again at the same site or same body of water and release all jars of blessed waters at the same time. This is incredibly effective as a healing ritual for the entire community as the power of intention is amplified exponentially each time more than two people are gathered for the same intent.

As a peace demonstration, your spiritual group can pray peace into the water and release it on a pre-planned day.