A Near Death Experience that became a New-Life Experience

by Shara Gardner

The Spirit of Water, our business partnership grew steadily from its initial launch in 2003, until 2007 when my two partners, a married couple, decided their business goals were too different from mine to continue as a team. We split the business in thirds, each partner taking the portion that most closely matched their skill set. Having been the artistic director, I assumed all creative and new product development, but had very little experience with the other marketing and accounting functions.I had to learn all of that in order to keep going. Times were very lean as I struggled to make enough money so I could re-do the website, get new inventory, and pay for advertising. More than taking over a business, I was re-inventing one that already had name recognition -- no easy task. I was able to wade through the process with vision and devotion using profound spiritual insights that had come to me much earlier during a Near Death Experience, years before The Spirit of Water business had even been conceived. 

In 2000, during a simple out-patient procedure, a freak accident occurred in the administration of anesthesia, and my spirit left my body for a short period of time. It was a very serious medical mistake, but I consider the occurrence a gift. Because of the knowledge and insights I acquired during the out-of-body exerience, I have been able to access a expansive sense of creativity and inspirational ideas (that are sometimes ahead of their time)  integrating all those gifts into to The Spirit of Water product assortment. Today my business, The Spirit of Water® (now my own registered trademark) is a different, more expansive online business than it had been during the partnership; and I take great care to provide not just relevant lifestyle and personal growth products, but also inspirational support, spiritual wisdom, and inspiring word collections and gifts.

Seeing Truth from a Different View

Reflecting back on the Near Death Experience, I remember how I seemed to "float" through layers and layers of teachings, understandings, and insights, while I was out-of-body. I never felt overwhelmed or frightened. In fact, I felt curious and exhilarated with what I was experiencing. Most memorable to me were the layers of sound -- musical, instrumental, and vocal -- and some sounds I could not put into any of those categories. These were the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard. (later I would study with mystics and shamans seeking an earthly source of that sound).

Profound was the way I heard words spoken on the other side. They seemed to have so much more meaning than we give words when we speak them in our languages. Looking back on the way I conceived those words, I realized each one was filled with more than defined meaning, but with the extensive feelings that might accompany such words. In this way, conversation became a complete exchange of feelings with no possibility of mis-interpretation, deception, or hidden agendas. No feeling was hidden and every word was a complete blessing exchange.

Water seemed to be a special teacher for me during the time I was away from my body, and it seemed to be the "Source" of all wisdom.  When I returned to my body and integrated all of this into my life, Water would become the earthly element I trusted the most for truth, beauty, inspiration, knowledge, and love.

The foundation of knowledge for me -- sound, water, and words -- have served me well since 2000 and has ultimately become the jumping off point for my deeper work with Water Blessing words, The Spirit of Water® wisdom teachings, and my work with music and sound healing.

The NDE that continues to live 

I still remember everything I heard during the near-death experience. Not knowing at the time, how to share it all, I saved journals and notes; and kept extensive files explaining everything I had experienced. Thoughout the years, I have integrated a lot of those teachings into the Water Blessing Label collections and inspirational writings. I also bring a lot of that information into newsletters or blogs I write.  

Currently all Water Blessing collections on the website feature an entire "lesson" I learned on "the other side." I never know when the time is right to introduce a new collection, so I just wait until "Mother Water" speaks to me.  This is what I call the source of the knowledge. I pay homage not only to the Near Death Experience but more accurately, to my "New Life Experience" that continues to amplify my deep love of water and quench my thirst for life and all its spiritual truths.


Shara Gardner is a prolific writer and artist using creativity as a tool for spiritual growth. She is available for blessing ceremonies, talks, workshops, and inspirational gatherings.  She has authored several small books, written many e-books, and writes articles for spiritual magazines. In addition to her work with water blessings, she has developed a collection of insights regarding water, its effects on the mind and spirit, and its role in sound healing, using water with other natural energy sources for healing and spiritual awakening. Shara also works with sound healing through her other website:

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