What we typically think of, as the simple act of writing is actually a supernatural act. Consider that we telepathically condense our ideas and thoughts into a few marks on paper, and someone who receives our message, in the same city or around the world, today or a thousand years from now can know our deepest thoughts. What could be more profound than that?

Many ancient cultures believed that the individual letters of their alphabets were extremely powerful. Their symbols and glyphs were used in various combinations to cast spells or be used as an oracle. Today, what do we call the act of arranging letters of the alphabet to form a word? We call it spelling!

Some cultures, like the Norse, used Runestones marked with esoteric symbols in order to cast spells for themselves and others. The ancient Hebrews, whose alphabet is filed with deep symbolic meanings, used those same symbols to spell out words for common understanding, yet hidden behind the obvious surface meanings were deep spiritual concepts that conveyed spiritual messages through the visual resonance held by each character – very much like sacred symbols. Their words and marks carried hidden sacred information.

Although the esoteric meanings of the English alphabet’s symbols and marks is long forgotten, when we spell a word, we are, in essence, casting a spell by charging the collection of our words with the power of our intent. A few words cast in a particular order can devastate the receiver, or melt hearts in tears of joy.

Healing with words is one of the most effective spells you will ever cast for yourself and others. When someone is ill we send them cards with encouraging messages. On the other hand,  consider the damage done to others through the use of some ill-chosen words. Remembering the children’s rhyme, “Sticks and stones can break bones, but words can never hurt me..." actually, words DO have the power to deliver a blow that can damage a life forever – or heal a life forever. It is all in the intent of the messenger.

In your own life, be conscious with your words and allow them to become the graphic symbols for your authentic and original thoughts. Word vibrations will influence everything from water molecules to the feelings experienced by your readers. The right words, chosen consciously can, indeed cast a spell to heal, to awaken, to expand creativity, to achieve goals, to manifest desires, and to transform consciousness.

Words & Water
Dr. Masaru Emoto introduced the world to the idea of transforming water molecules through the use of well-chosen words placed on containers of water. In his experiments with water, Emoto discovered that the shape of molecules change when they are exposed to certain words. When a person drinks water that has been exposed to “love”, they take in water molecules that are delicate crystalline shapes. When water is exposed to the word, “hate” or similar negative ideas, the molecules become malformed and unappealing. No one would drink that kind of water intentionally. And yet, unintentionally, we cast certain spells or vibrations out into the world, into our water, and into our bodies each time we speak or write. We are affected on all levels by those spells as the ripples or waves of energy carry the intentions far and wide.

See this Water Blessing Collection

We create Water Blessing Labels to be used on water containers, and we receive many positive reports from people who have used the labels and the power of words on their drinking water. There are heartwarming stories of children in cancer centers who chose to use words of love on their Chemotherapy IVs, as well as positive outcomes for couples who believe the spell casting they did with their words and water actually helped to save a marriage. With hundreds of testimonials, The Spirit of Water reports that words have, indeed, shaped the lives of many people who consciously chose their words.

This brings up an important consideration when casting your intentions in water or in written communication. Backing your words with real and authentic emotions seems to be the magic that makes the spell work. In experimenting with words and intentions, I learned what truly influences molecules to hold the vibration of our spells are the feelings behind the words we use. It is feelings that have the power to influence all aspects of life. Take great care in selecting the words you intend to use for personal transformation. If you put words on your water bottles, repeat them in a mantra or affirmation, gaze at them on your bathroom mirror, take time to recall your original intention, and connect with the feelings you had when you chose your word or the feelings created when thinking of positive outcomes. Release the spell into the world and watch as it  helps accomplish dreams.