Spiritual Awareness

The Spiritual Energy That Flows Through All Life is Ours to Use...

These Water Blessing Collections can assist in your awakening.

There is an energy source that flows through all life and every form of life has it. It is an unknown quality, spiritual alchemists call it Azoth. Most call this mysterious quality, "God" -- while still others call it "Spirit." When we identify ourselves as spiritual beings, we are acknowledging our connection to all living things through this unknown element. Many form belief systems around this energy. Some adopt dogmatic rules and guidelines in order to surround themselves with a family of like-minded thinkers. Within those dogmas and doctrines, many attribute creation to mortal men who shared truth in their respective times, but were not God, but reflected the knowledge of God we all seek to know. They became icons for religions. People worships the men, but not the spirit. Being "spiritual" means that we are ultimately aware we are pure energy, pure light, and infinite power. We just don't know how powerful we actually are and we seek leaders who can teach us and guide us.  And yet, many are afraid to know.

Whatever you call the infinite source of life -- I call it SPIRIT -- it represents knowledge, wisdom, personal power, and love. We don't have scientific answers for all the ways spirit shows up on Earth, but we do know that we are all connected by one common Higher Spiritual Power - the source of all life. Since we all share the same source of energy, it is evident we are personal sparks of expression coming from the same powerful Flame. Again, God, The Creator, Great Spirit, G-D, and many more names. 

When we become more aware of higher power we can use it to help expand our thinking and our feelings. In doing so, we move into a space of enlightenment. Pain is replaced by joyful wonder as we now contemplate life from the smallest atom to the largest life events. We stop thinking and begin feeling the creation of life energy and the releasing of life energy. It is a natural flow.

We are temporary residents on Planet Earth. We can make our time magical and filled with the awareness of all good things, or we can live in fear, pain, or anger and make our time miserable. Earth is a free-will planet. Use your free will to create the life you want. It is within your reach-- and all energy sources are available to you. Call it God, or call it Spirit, it is yours to use however you wish.