Did you ever wonder why we seek water when we need peace and pleasure, yet seldom want to know the natural source of the waters we drink or enjoy? This is one of many questions we want to answer as we develop a stronger attraction to water, and ultimately, help you create a state of awareness called, "Blue Mind."

The term, "Blue Mind" was coined by neuroscientists and marine researchers to identify a personality that lives in full awareness of water and its influence on life. In some ways it is a scientific phenomenon;  but in other ways, it is spiritual. The spirit in water is an unknown factor most humans disregard when they awaken to the mysteries of the universe. Blue Mind is what we hope drives our curiosity and wisdom, helping humanity evolve on the planet we share. It runs deep. I will explain.

The most nourishing water comes from deep beneath the earth where it moves around in aquifers and stays in the dark for hundreds of thousands of years picking up electromagnetic resonance from soil, rocks, minerals, and organic matter. Some call this chemistry. I call it Wisdom. Water that is wild, is also wise. This water, when consumed, immediately activates billions of micro-neurons and brain paths. In this regard, pure, wild water could be called a smart drug.

The underground existence is what gives water the ability to nourish billions of lives on the planet. When we purify, and condition water, run it through long pipes, and store it in tanks, water loses its power. Eventually, when it flows through our faucet, it is dead water. It quenches the thirst, but does not nourish our minds or our awareness.

Wild water is moved by gravity to the places where it can be accessed by all life, like springs, creeks, ponds, rivers, and eventually, the ocean. We call this "Living Water." Many religions speak of this water as the spiritual source of life. Since we are relating to water in spiritual practicality, the simplest way I can say it is, "Water is life." It is life for all, and it is the carrier for all wisdom we share with all creatures. 

Where water is most "alive" is where it is allowed to be free, moving in its own unique way. When you need a vacation and head to the mountains to find a peaceful water resort, it is the power in wild water your body and mind crave. Your spirit is driving your choices. Your Blue Mind is pushing you, and rightly so. Our conscious minds might think of hundreds of reasons why we should vacation at a chlorine-infused swimming pool resort, but our heart really longs for the rough deluxe experience of a cabin near the river. Smart spirit. That is where we will truly become replenished.

We are 80% Water

It is no wonder so many of us love wild and free water. We love it because we are part of it, and it is a part of us. When we hear the ocean, rivers, and streams call to us we are unable to resist. We must go find it. That is our Blue Mind doing its work, silently, deep in the darkness of our inner spirit, we are being guided to live in more healthy ways.

As human beings, we cannot live without a balance of about 80% water in our own bodies. Interestingly, this automatically makes us part of all water on the planet. It is no wonder many of us seek water in order to feel alive. We seek water in order to know ourselves better.

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, PhD. marine biologist and neuro-conservation researcher found that a brain change occurs whenever people look at water, think about water, or immerse themselves in water.  "Blue Mind" is the term he used for his research, and the title of his book about the subject.  After decades of research, he found that our brains immediately activate a calming response to the entire body; and all sensory functions become super-receptive when we are in, or near water.

Finally, science is documenting what shamans, priests, mystics, and spiritual healers have known for millennia. Water is the most powerful change-agent on earth; and since we are 80% water, we respond to that power throughout our minds and bodies. The chemistry in the brain that washes through us when we feel love or pleasure is the same chemical cocktail we experience when we connect with water even in small ways. 

Water is Medicine

Stress causes disease, and water reduces stress. The ocean is good medicine for an overworked body and mind, as are the creeks, rivers and lakes. Not only that, but water changes our clarity and our ability to think, create, and remember.

The greatest unexplored mysteries of the sea are buried not under a blanket of blue sky, but deep in the human mind. Humans have such a strong and emotional response to water that we automatically attribute the color blue with being water. The brain does this without our conscious knowing. When we surround ourselves with blue, or use blue clothing or accessories, or decorate our homes, or see blue in any shade, we are remembering our origin, and creating an open neural pathway to more blue mind associations. More mind medicine.




Water Blessings are part of the Magic

Water Blessing Labels work because they initiate intention that immediately becomes  energy, and it eventually affects the entire cosmic field we live in; but especially influences water molecules. A glass of water symbolizes the vast oceans and rivers. This is a metaphysical phenomenon, not scientific; but it is nonetheless, an accurate description of how blessings change our realities. When we place them on our water glass or drinking bottles, our brains expand because of the emotional relationship we have with water, and we able to use our minds in new ways to manifest our wishes and goals in that expansive space – those new neural pathways in the brain. We are able to do so with the "higher mind," or the mind that is not limited by conditioning. We are powerful creators. Blessings work with our energy as activators living with a Blue Mind because we are 80% water.

We are all endowed with a Blue Mind whether we know it or not.