Resonance is a vibration that moves through many layers and dimensions of matter and thought. It is a waveform activating a vibration in everything it encounters that matches its vibrational pattern. An example of this is when you hit a C note on the piano; all of the C strings will vibrate at the same time even if they are lower or higher. And what you hear is a pleasing sound wave of harmonious resonance. If a D were to be activated at this moment, there would be an uncomfortable disharmony causing a conflict with the C notes.

Unhealthy cells in a body behave like the D note in a C-Note resonance. Dissonance upsets the entire harmonic function of organs and tissues. Since our bodies are made of water-filled cells that vibrate at different frequencies or in different patterns, like music, it is not unusual for there to be some frequencies that are out-of-tune or in-conflict with the healthy cells of your body. There is a solution that can offset dissonance. The miraculous ingredient is water. 

What's water got to do with it?

Drinking abundant water will flood and hydrate your cells and help re-program a resonant ripple that will affect all matter. Think of an ocean wave as it moves onshore, bringing water to the land. This wave  communicates a healthy vibrational pattern to the dissonant cells or organs in the body that have gotten off-harmony. Water can also store and carry information in the form of vibrations from healthy living water cells outside the body to the dissonant water cells inside.

You can be healed by the resonance and memory of water that has emerged through pristine springs, after it flowed over rocks and minerals, animals, plants, soil, etc.. The resonance of waveforms are considered to be "vibrational nutrients" in music and sound. They all perform the same way a wave of mineral-rich water behaves in the body and mind. A wave of water carries vibration. A wave of sound carries vibration.

When any kind of wave  penetrates the body, mind, or spirit, the existing cells are influenced by the new vibration (information) and reap untold benefits. There is a disclaimer on this. The brain cannot discern between what is a healthy wave and what is a destructive wave. Some sounds, just as some waters, destroy life, while other enhance.

The immediate and simple answer to prevent destructive vibrations is to bless your water. It changes the vibration pattern immediately. Priest, mystics, and shamans have known this since humans evolved.

In order to create a platform for continued healthy resonance in the body, drink lots of filtered water and immerse yourself in clean, healthy water as much as you can. The water carries messages of health through skin barriers into the cells, but also through thoughts and feelings

Whenever possible, avoid any toxic substances like plastics, chlorine, fluoride, soaps, etc. in water used for healing. Plastic kills the cells of living water, changing the resonance to something very flat and out of harmony. The off-gassing of plastics affect our hormone balance. Fluoride affects brain and sensory functions. Do not carry your water in plastic bottles – ever! PET and Lexan are very convenient and non-breakable, but the water, as it becomes heated in the bottle, takes on tiny particles of those substances that can cause many health problems. Use only glass bottles or stainless steel for your drinking water.

Remember, water is a sacred substance. Honor it by containing it in something special and non-toxic. By consciously considering the condition of all water you use, you can control what vibrations enter your energy field and maintain a high resonant vibration in your body. This is like a perfectly tuned musical instrument. The vibration is so pure that disease has no opportunity to linger among the harmonious cells