The Water Goddess Within

We arrived here in water and water remains in us. Many forget this primal beginning.
Water Woman remembers.

We do not become lovers. We are lovers. We are the fluid love of our truest Mother. Many will forget the taste of her seductive salty brine or the heady aroma of her sea, the last wild place on earth; and only a few will journey at all cost over land to reunite with the infinite flowing heart of the vast oceans. Many will forget the moon, the tides, and exquisite aquatic treasures. Water Woman remembers.

We do not become expressive. We came from water knowing how to express our feelings by allowing the free-falling tears of a million lifetimes to rain from our eyes. When we cry, we wail audaciously for the millions who cannot cry for themselves. Many forget how to transform life with salty tears. Water Woman remembers.

We do not become artists. We came from water primed with visions swimming throughout our hearts and minds. Our visions teach and delight others. Many forget that our mystical, visionary, mythical art awakens sleepy land-dwellers. Water Woman remembers.

We do not develop an interest in the largest mammals of the sea. We came here with a welll-developed understanding of their role and ours in the evolution of consciousness and we maintain our deep love for these creatures for all time. Many have forgotten we once lived in harmony with the aquatic wild and swam with dolphins and whales.

Water Woman remembers.

We do not become water lovers. We remember water and water remembers us. We are at home with our fluid nature and live to surf on the cresting wave, knowing our pure power is wet, wild, and alive.

Water Woman remembers.