Water Blessings

We came from water and we remain dependent upon water for life. Our bodies are 75% water. Our brains, closer to 85%. There is no surprise that water carries a consciousness that supports life, creation, and thought. 

While many of our Water Blessing Labels appear to address personal growth or healing concerns for individuals, each time a blessing is used on a water glass or bottle, we see the words, feel the energy, and it becomes part of our reality. It becomes part of our internal waters. As we shift perceptions and heal our bodies, the energy we radiate then becomes part of mass consciousness. Our thoughts, like water flow out into the world to water new seeds of life and consciousness.

Bless your drinking water, the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and creeks. Bless the municipal water so it can be rejuvenated with healing wisdom and energies. Bless yourself. Your ripples of truth will reach many shores where they will heal others.

Blessed Be!