Re-Shaping, Re-Invigorating or Healing your Body 
can be a daunting task... and we applaud your courage.

If you are engaged in weight loss or body-centered healing program, 
water can help you on many levels as you experience your transformational journey...

Did you know that your body will function correctly – including maintaining optimum weight – when you are balanced? This means that whatever physical challenges you experience, they are the result of something exerting too much or too little energy. Weight loss and healing becomes far easier when you begin with proper water intake. Water can satisfy hunger, restore brain functions, invigorate cells, produce energy – which balances the metabolism – and change moods. Water is a miracle substance that is still not completely understood by scientists. But there is one thing they know for certain... water carries vital messages to all parts of your body and helps re-balance whatever has become un-balanced.

The water in your body is part of an autonomic system that carries instructions to all tissues, organs, bones, and muscles. Water is the single-most important key to good health. Think of it as an internal river that carries nutrients to all cells. If the river is dammed, everything downstream will die. If the river is poisoned upstream, everything downstream will be affected adversely. If water is free-flowing, fresh, alive, and healthy, everything it touches will thrive in the greatest of health.

There are many ways to insure your water is carrying its greatest health messages. Starting with the very best water you can find, this is the first step to regenerating perfect balance so your body can heal and excess weight will be eliminated. If you drink bottled water, you are already disadvantaged. Water stored in plastic bottles carries the leached chemicals from the plastic to your cells. If your tap water is purified and conditioned, there is also a problem. That water is no longer "alive" in the truest sense. It has been stripped of its minerals, chlorinated, fumigated, and supplemented, and no longer has the ability to re-generate its own living cells. How could it possibly sustain yours? It is better than bottled water, but not as good as fresh water from the earth. The problem is, there are very few places left on the planet where true living water exists; but science is now finding ways to re-structure water so it is closer to natural water – without chemical processes. Spiritual believers know there are other ways to re-structure water. Prayer and intention has been shown to have a dramatic effect on water molecules. Water Blessing Labels help focus the mind, like a meditation – and through this focus, the body responds positively.

"Everyone should use blessings to help lose weight. I didn't even diet. 
I just cast a blessing and visualized like the label says. 20 lbs. gone! "

Deborah P, Houston, Texas

Intention & Prayer

Water has memory. It remembers where it has been, what influenced it, and what damage it has incurred. Many believers change the structure of the water molecules by praying, exposing vessels of water to positive thoughts, or playing healing music. Many tests have proven this method of re-structuring water does work if we maintain a vigilant practice of praying and blessing our water before we drink. Water blessing labels work like reminders to pay attention to what you are thinking as you are drinking. In this way, water is transformed into the most healthful substance available.

For weight loss, intention is more powerful than dieting because it sends a message to your entire living system that you wish to balance your body and achieve optimum results. Dieting not only restricts your food intake, but it also punishes your consciousness for not behaving as you would desire. Blaming and shaming are always a part of dieting. It doesn't have to be that way, but most people fail at diets because they don't address the fundamental issue – imbalance. When you are living from a balanced system, you will no longer desire more food than your body needs to maintain itself. Excess weight will fall away. It all begins with water. The messages you send into your body will immediately help to create better balance. Using Water Blessings on your water as a reminder of your intentions is an excellent way to restructure your consciousness.

When you place words or symbols on your water, the molecules carry powerful instructions
into your cells, helping to transform, heal and normalize your body from the inside out, using the consciousness of water. Healing at this cellular level is a more 
sustainable way to change your health and lose weight.

Alkaline Re-Stucturing Processes
Machines that process water, reducing acid levels so the water becomes more alkaline, have become very popular as more people realize their water is doing them grave harm. Those machines are very expensive, often costing more than $4000 US. Millions of people globally purchase re-structured water by the gallon weekly and use it as medicine in their bodies and the results have been astounding. Kangen Water is one of the systems that has produced excellent results.

Currently there are other less costly ways of restructuring water. Mineral wands, and water pouches have shown good results in producing alkaline re-structured water that is extremely healthy and affordable. There are thousands of products on the market that will also re-structure water. Ormus is an earth mineral mixture that carries amazing properties that help water re-gain its former perfect state. Explore all options before you decide. And remember, you can use intention, prayer, blessings AND other techno-remedies.

Water Blessing Labels help transform your water into
Liquid Prayers and Liquid Inspiration for your new body image