Water Goddess Life

The Water Goddess, a very real, mythological female,  has been characterized in many ways in lore and art; and she is the subject of our featured gift section. Everything in the collection relates to the woman who loves the seas and knows the mystical and spiritual power of water.

She is a combination of all the best qualities of female water lovers. She represents a state of emotional freedom, often envied by land-locked Goddesses who long to swim in other dimensions of consciousness. She is the Bohemian (Boho) Baby of the Sea. She is the benevolent mermaid who cares for all marine life and watches out for the waters of the world.. She is the Water Goddess who lures willing swimmers into the depth so she can teach them the mysteries of Mother Waters. She is wet and wild, And free to experience life on her own terms.

These women, maybe you, too, long for the freedom of the sea in ordinary reality, or simply in myth. Either way, loving water, oceans, rivers and all small trickles of water is a lifestyle choice not fully understood by those who look from the outside and remain high and dry.  Full immersion is the only way to understand this calling we water women share. All water women understand their blessed water-loving hearts, but cannot find words that are profound enough to describe the pull that keeps us entrained to the rhythms of the sea.

At any age, a Water Goddess will become awakened to the gentle, playful, yet fierce water spirit that is alive in their hearts. One day they may find themselves searching for a different reality but may not fully understand they are coming into their calling and learning they are hopelessly influenced by the "Water Gene" they carry in their souls. There is no way to stop a woman from searching for the cosmic water connection. She must dive in.

So here we are... sharing our mystical purpose, bringing together ideas, stories, and some precious little things that remind us of water, and oceans, and blue. It all works to soothe the longing of the wild water woman. We invite all water keepers, water healers, water spirits, and water mystics to balance her land-based magic with a taste of blue.