Women who love the seas are a rare sort of earth spirit. There is a kind of divinity in loving Earth's waters and finding ourselves entrained to all things having to do with water, including the colors, textures, and treasures. 

A divine water goddess is rarely neutral where water is concerned. She loves the color blue so much that she find ways to wrap herself in that mysterious and magic color. Because deep blue is the activation color for the Third Eye, her intuition is deep and awakened. She know the mysteries of the seas because she sees between worlds. Her passions are fueled by the Great Blue Spirit, and she expresses her unique nature by adorning herself with bohemian water art or natural artifacts left behind by moving water. All shades of blue work to activate her power. Aqua, sea mist, turquoise, indigo, cobalt, royal, or navy... all these  colors keep her entrained to her passions in all ways, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

For all who are the goddesses of the seas and rivers, these adornments are sure to enhance your magical fluid spirit and invoke your deeper sense of mystery and intuition.