Most visitors to this site come looking for ways to change their lives. Change is not easy, but we can help. 

When we respond to the color blue, or are near water, our brain functions change. We change. We become peaceful, happy, and expansive. Water has so much power in our lives, we can actually send messages through water just by focusing our thoughts. This was proven scientifically by Dr. Masaru Emoto. As a result, Water Blessing Labels were created to place on our drinking water as a reminder of the Spirit of Water and how it can receive our our most important messages and blessings to ourselves and others. Now, fifteen years later, after this concept was introduced, we have a clearer understanding of water's power, and we are still transforming water into liquid prayers by offering word labels that heal and awaken. We have also added a line of lifestyle blues ... water-themed jewelry, accessories, wearables, and altar items. Every item reflects our love of water and offers you more opportunities to transform your life by living with a blue mind.