Feminine Rising


Women are being called to embrace their true nature and rise in personal power. Find that ecstatic time when your heart was wide open and put that energy into your water. Embrace your passion, creativity, and beauty. All women are beautiful and it is time to show the world that women are a radiant light in the world. Love without limits. Develop your intuition. Find the goddess within. Bow to divine grace as it touches your heart. When the divine feminine has evolved, the masculine will align, and life will evolve to a new beauty. This collection is getting a new look for 2021, but the words will be the same , just a different font and package design.


Customer Testimonials

“Thank you for preparing a collection of words that are so powerful to women. I embrace each concept.”
Bethany W., Los Vegas, NV

"I think men should use these words, too. I am not ashamed to transform my consciousness with the Sacred Feminine."
Joel B., Santa Fe, NM

"There is something really important about elevating the Sacred Feminine in awareness. Not the same as feminism. Much different. I love this collection."
Trisha S., Tampa Bay, FL