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Putting Your Blessings To Work

From the messages we have been receiving from our readers, we note that people are finding new energy in self-growth, and expanding awareness. While this feels wonderful to be in-touch with the deeper parts of the self and to know a broader spiritual reality, there is a grey area where most people tend to resign themselves and accept something that doesn't feel good. I am speaking about our jobs, our careers, our work. We can explore ourselves and learn how to be in the world in better ways, but we have deep fears and attitudes of resentment when it comes to exploring why we work under conditions that are less than optimal, and why we pledge such allegiance to our jobs. If you feel you want more out of the 8+ hours you spend each day to enrich someone else's business, Water Blessings can help. For those who haven't put their blessings to work before now, this is the time to jump in. Let me explain . . .

For many, the changes they would most like to see are changes in the way they feel about their jobs,  workplaces, earnings, and opportunities. People want to feel valued and appreciated for their contributions to a business' success. And yet most arrive each day on the job with the feeling that they have have to give up their own standards and accept the standards of the employer. Many feel they have already been used, abused, and undervalued. We are weary because of the way we are treated by our employers. When you realize that billions of people on the planet are unhappy about half of their lives, there is a huge preponderance of negative energy circulating like ocean currents in a sea of mass consciousness. We all swim in the same pool of energy and may not even realize we already have an overlay of discontent even before we open the workplace door. Can we shift this? Can we find a way to change the energy surrounding our jobs? Our earnings are important, but is the money worth the negative experiences we attribute to our jobs? Or, is there another way to feel that our time spent working is right and good?

There is a metaphysical side to this situation, and one that water blessings can remedy. Without making it seem whimsical or simple-minded, I thought deeply about the way we view our work and the places we agree to spend our days selling our labor. Would spiritual changes allow us to be free, or would we just find another job doing something similar under the same conditions?

This past month we have heard from three women who shared their blessing experiences with us; and  they are all "work" related situations they hoped Water Blessings would change. I believe the time is right for me to  talk about blessing our workplaces, since so many of us hold jobs outside the home where the weather can be anything from "fair" to "stormy!" With the threat of reduction in workforces or the inability to earn more money, our jobs continue to require more and more of our energy. It is time to stop and ask ourselves if a new rhythm might shift life in a different direction so we could enjoy a new relationship with our skills and talents?  Since most of us need to hold a job, maybe it is time to make the work experience more meaningful and positive. Water can play a big part.

As Kate rushed into the break room to grab her morning coffee before heading to her desk, she thought about her workday and hoped it would be easy. The baby had been fussy the night before, and she was exhausted. She felt her tolerance already strained from traffic on drive into the City,  and  already, she was agitated. As she stood in a short line to get her coffee, she became distracted by a list of inspirational words someone had pinned to the bulletin board right next to the coffeemaker with a hand scrawled sign that read, "pick a word for the day and put it on your mug." Without any hesitation, she plucked her word and placed it on her coffee mug. With her leap of faith, her intention was set. She had created a positive energy field not only around her morning coffee, but also in the area surrounding her workstation and in the subtle energy in her heart that radiated outward to all co-workers. As she walked out of the break room, she noticed someone had put a "love" label on the water cooler. For good measure, she added a splash of cool "love water" to her coffee and went to her desk. Sitting down at her computer, she briefly contemplated the word she had picked - "Patience." Throughout the day, as she sipped, she was reminded to be extra patient with herself, her co-workers, clients and vendors. By the end of the day, as Kate rinsed her coffee mug, and replaced the blessing decal on the backing sheet for someone else to use the next day, she had to admit - it had been a beautiful day, it was easy, and she felt invigorated rather than drained. She felt her sense of "doing battle at work" shift to "sharing my gifts on the job." Now she was ready to pick up her baby at the sitter and have a beautiful evening with him.


Millions of people spend their days in places filled with employers, bosses, and co-orkers. At any given time, an employee is subjected to the moods, expectations and energies of many others around them. Holding a frequency of personal power and inner peace is sometimes very difficult when so many circumstances threaten to cancel whatever personal transformative work has been done outside the workplace. When Kate first wrote to us with her story and praised us for creating Water Blessing Labels - and told us she had purchased some for herself - it affirmed what we already knew.  The simple act of blessing the office water cooler helps everyone in the office resonate with positive energies. Further, the act of setting an intention for the day helps us to become radiant, positive masters of our universe instead of victims of our circumstances. In the close confines of an office or workplace, people who experience a feeling of well-being tend help others feel that way too. The end result is that everyone works together more harmoniously and the days go smoothly.


When Masaru Emoto experimented with water and found that water responds to intentions, his photographs of water molecules exposed to positive thoughts showed beautiful bright crystalline shapes.  When negative thoughts were introduced to the same water, the photographed molecules then transformed into discolored blobs. Since human beings are over 70% water, and water molecules carry the imprint of thought, then it stands to reason that our own molecules are imprinted by our thoughts. When we drink water that has been influenced by positive thoughts, our own molecules are transformed into brilliant crystal shapes. Of course you would rather have crystals than blobs inside your cells..... OF COURSE!


Melissa wrote to us from Los Angeles. She was tired of the back-biting between employees in her production studio. Her moods were affected by constant complaints, mean and jealous gossip, and bad attitudes that consumed most conversations at break time. All this negativity had made her work experience very challenging, not to mention the extra long hours they all worked. She decided to take action.  Melissa put Blessing Labels on the water cooler, some on the restroom mirrors, some on her computer and some on the metal panels dividing work areas. She didn't call attention to them, or even explain them to anyone. She just let them do their work.  After several days, Melissa realized things had changed. She hadn't heard negative comments and complaints in the break room for days. Could it be that a new energy of cooperation, creativity, peace, kindness and clarity had already began to show up?  Was it possible for these blessings to work so fast, or was it just a coincidence, she asked us in a tenderly-written letter. Our answer is that everything is possible when intentions are cast. And, when we cast an intention, our own energies change everything we come into contact with. That's how it works.


Emoto's research shows that blessed water molecules transform instantly - but please note: transformation can be negative or positive.  Whenever water molecules flow into our bodies, into the coffeemaker, in the shower and down the drain, the fish tank, the garden or the dog's water bowl, transformation happens faster than you can blink. Changes don't only happen with blessings or curses. Beyond that, when any word or idea is viewed hundreds of times each day, whatever it is, it influences our subtle energies for as long as the exposure continues, and well beyond that.


As with Kate, the overworked young mother we referred to earlier, she intended "patience."  Another day she may haven chosen "creativity" or "success." By thinking about what she needed and how she felt, she created her day the way she wanted it to be instead of accepting challenges beyond her control. By changing the energy in her consciousness and in her water (coffee), Kate was able to offset her fatigue and frustration caused by her sick baby. In the workplace, a small change like Kate's change of intention affects the entire office community in a positive way. Not only was Kate able to change her experience, but whoever used blessings to change their feelings that day co-created Kate's vision for the day. The positive energy was contagious. And it began with a single word.


As for Melissa's circumstances, she had used blessing words to "heal" the studio environment by taking steps to heal her own inner climate. She had been part of the negativity until she said, "NO MORE!" At that instant, she effectively changed her own attitude and then resonated a different energy that others responded to subconsciously. The positive words she placed around were an extension of her new weather pattern, which surrounded all her co-workers.


Nonnie wrote to us about another situation at her workplace. She works in a large chain store where most of the employees are women. Without naming names, this particular chain has a corporate policy of limiting managerial opportunities for women. Nonnie wanted to know if blessing labels could help to change that. Our suggestion was that she use some of the words that specifically empower women. A few months later, she wrote back. She had shared blessing words with her co-workers - all of them women who felt overworked and under-appreciated. What she noticed was that more of the women seemed happier on their jobs and two of them had even been promoted.  It wasn't that suddenly new opportunities had been made available, but when her co-workers found ways to make their personal climate more positive, their daily work became more meaningful to them and they focused less on being a victim of their employers and more on being happy. As a result, more opportunities became available to all the women. When a woman or man feels that they are in control of their world, and that they are doing something meaningful to themselves, any situation can become a unique opportunity.


Thoughts do matter.  There are many ways to bring harmony into the workplace. Blessings are easy to remember and so powerful when they are used. We can change our personal molecular structure by changing the blessings we use when we drink water; but we can also help change the energies in our workplaces and public places by setting our highest intentions for peace, harmony, cooperation, creativity and success. Setting blessed intentions via our drinking water can be one simple act that makes a huge difference in our daily lives whether we go to a job or spend the day working in our homes. We can affect the weather. Oh yes, we can.


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