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Reviving the Ancient Practices of Blessing

Reviving The Ancient Practices of Blessing

Every couple of years, I like to remind myself, and you, the readers of my blogs, why I bless water and why I have been in the business of selling Water Blessing Labels for 11 years. 

The easy answer is, "it feels right." The longer answer has to do with my personal spiritual journey and how I was lead "into the water" by Spirit so many years ago. I will get to that a little further down the column; but right now I am hoping to revive an interest in blessing water and blessing all elements of our world.  Blessing anything has not lost its power. The practice may have become overshadowed by other spiritual trends, but blessings have worked since humans could sense the presence of spirit in all things.

Blessing Water Is Still Relevent In Our Fast-Paced Techno World
One thing about ancient belief practices... they were conceived and passed down through families, religions, masters, and teachers. Each person who performed various rituals or rites added their energies to the Practice. The Practice is a real thing. It is a holy creation. It does not belong to religions, but religions use The Practice in their teachings. The Practice is largely dependent upon a strong ability to believe we are making some kind of connection to the cosmic universe and the Creator of it ALL. I say that loosely. None of us really know who created life even if scientists like to suggest they have the answers. They don't. But, as belief goes, the reason rituals became holy is because those who gave their power to the ritual did so because they believed in the outcome with their whole heart. They might call it the "will of God," or something similar, but nonetheless, with that much belief, our most sacred rites and rituals are literally loaded with power just waiting to be used, and they deserve to be used and honored in the same manner in which they were conceived. Blessing water is one of the first blessings recorded by humans and carries with it as much power today at it did 6 millions years ago. It is hard to imagine a world without blessed water. We believe it heals, teaches, and inspires. The amazing thing is... it does do all those things for each of us when we make a commitment to our beliefs.

Groups that participate in blessing practices are using the amplified energies of each participant and adding it to the stream of consciousness that began in ancient times. Just think of all that power! Imagine how many billions of humans have blessed water since life began!!! When we bless water we are floating on the top of that gigantic wave of love. That, I assure you, makes a huge difference in the world. That is why tribal cultures still use blessing rituals, and priests still bless holy water, using sage, incense, prayer, and other ritual processes. These are not neurotic, out-dated practices as some brain scientists want us to believe these days. These practices are supported by a powerful tide of open, loving hearts, with high respect for the spiritual power of belief.

We all get busy.... and we forget.
Yes, we have busy lives, and sometimes it feels necessary to shave off bits of time where we can. Maybe we quickly utter a half-hearted blessing over our food or water and turn our attention immediately elsewhere, thinking the bare minimum will be enough. Actually, no blessing goes unnoticed in the energy of the universe, but those blessings that are honored with the gift of our time and attention have a much better chance of creating the miracles we desire. And we all know what those miracles are - we want ourselves and our loved ones to be well and safe; we want our needs to be met; we want love; we want our efforts to produce the outcome we desire. These are all great reasons for blessing our water or participating in a group blessing ritual. Everyone who puts energy into the blessing gets energy back out. Guaranteed!

In the simplest terms,  it all boils down to investing in ourselves and our beliefs... and making time to respect our wishes as if they are precious conceptions.  Belief changes us and it changes our personal journey. It changes the creation we call "life." Belief in anything sets up a powerful cosmic wave of energy that washes over us and creates a path of manifestation. In doing so, our life is altered. We see shifts in our motivations. We feel the inner power needed to create the lives we want. When we invest in our beliefs and bless our path, we amplify our ability to share our truest love energy with others -- and receive abundance right back. 

There are so many benefits to believing in something powerful. Some might say, in terms of investing, this is a Blue Chip Stock! It always pays back more than we put in, but we have to be real about what we put into our sacred blessing space.We must give our attention to our intention or else it doesn't work. Attention is a powerful beam of energy -- inner light -- that illuminates a clear space where the creative forces of intention mix with the creativity of the universe to send positive results.  We make the world light when we bless ourselves, our loved ones, and our beautiful earth.

Now, please be certain about one thing... I am not even thinking about organized religion or any of the hundreds of worldly doctrines when I speak of belief. Belief has no name and no face. It has no God. It has no origin. Belief is not part of an organizing principle.  I am saying when we believe in something beyond what our logical minds tell us, we are lifted out of this reality into a new reality where our energy profile changes and we become different human beings. It is that simple ... and that profound


What Does a Blessing Look Like in the Spirit World?


When I started writing this article, I gave a short reason for engaging in the practice of blessing water and selling Water Blessing Labels, but I am ready to share something very personal with you now. One of the reasons I became a participant in the former partnership of The Spirit of Water is because the invitation to join with my friends in this enterprise came to me after I had experienced a Near-Death-Experience, and an Out-of-Body experience, following a surgical error. If you can see that photo above, that was me! It was 2000, but it might have been the past or present. I had no reference to time whatsoever. I was literally floating around the surgical room in several forms, and then finally my spirit flew free to another dimension where I was given the greatest gift of life that can be imagined.

While I have precise and vivid memories of each moment before, during,  and after the encounter on the other side, what I remember most about being ALIVE on the other side, was understanding the power of our intentions as we know them on earth. I instantly understood that this energy is like sound waves, and information waves, and love waves; and I felt a flood of information waves filter into my mind followed by a gentle, but insistent voice telling me it was not my time to stay -- that I had to return and share this information with others. I didn't want to come back. I was so content learning about the fabric of our Creation. So I hesitated and resisted a little. It was my decision to make,  but then I released myself from Spirit and returned to my struggling physical body on the surgical table.

For nearly 3 years after that experience I was in a daze, and confused about everything -- confused about people, about life, about everything, really. I had returned to my body with an open portal to a Spirit Group that regularly "advised me" and helped me understand all that I had been given. I returned with psychic abilities and sight that could peer through many veils. What could I possibly do with all that?

In 2003, my friends invited me to become a creative partner in a water-related, blessing business modeled after Dr. Emoto's water blessing outreach. I already knew this opportunity was coming to me and it would provide a platform where I would ultimately share those most precious teachings from the other side. I knew I would write Water Blessings and all types of blessing descriptions; and I would create artful ways of using words and images so that the massive power of each word I produced on clingy vinyl strips would become a continuation of the wisdom I was entrusted with. I knew that the power of sacred rites and rituals needed to be continued throughout our lives; and therefore, I knew I had been given a mission to keep this practice alive, not as a priest or healer, not as a guru, not as a spiritual author, but as a normal, everyday entrepreneur. Wow! Imagine that! Just a humble single working woman sharing priceless knowledge and gifts as I marketed my humble goods. It didn't compute at the time, but I accepted the mission with full heart even as I watched so many spiritual "authorities" become wealthy and famous for sharing much less information than I had been given. I had to make a choice... to promote myself, or share the information. One could not live with the other. Something happens when fame steps in.

The business had an extra boost from Spirit. Many messages, examples, and wisdom teachings continued to come to me as promised when I agreed to go back to my body and my life. On the other side, they never said it would be so challenging to bring a million mega-watts of power into a 100 watt light bulb. That was me -- the light bulb, backed with all those mega-watts of energy. To say I was confused is an understatement. Those who knew me before and after were kind to hold on, but many of my friends left. I don't blame them. I was not the safe, lovable, compliant  person I had been. I came back to my body with intentions that were huge. My imperative was for the work, not less serious aspects of life. I saw through the veils of life and some of it was hard to swallow. So, no. I was not normal by any stretch of the imagination.

The dynamics of a partnership can best be described as the highest exercise in patience, tolerance, ego-release, and surrender. We all went through the ringer with each other,  struggling to make our diverse intentions for the business come together like one powerful beam of energy. 

It was difficult to blend my mission with the desires of my partners; and I know they tried hard to understand me, but couldn't. Please note: I was still speeding at 1000 mph in my desire to share information and make more blessings -- even 2 years after the near death experience.  I was still driven to share wisdom with anyone who might benefit. But I was still a little crazy, too. It is hard to hold all that frequency without things bursting at the seams... and they did! The business could not sustain my prolific outpouring of new collections and more blessings. The partners wanted to stop at 10 sets, and I continued to design and write 40 more (with more information rising each day and nowhere to put it!) In each blessing collection, I put a "chapter" of wisdom shared with me on the other side. 

So, you get the picture...our partnership fizzled to a halt... but as a single owner, I kept The Spirit of Water alive with just me as primary writer, artist, manufacturer, accountant, webmaster, social media-nista, shipper, etc. And here's the truth... I continue with the same enthusiasm today as I did when I returned to my body with that sacred calling.  To this very moment, I am still committed to creating ways to convey all the beautiful and cherished teaching I absorbed instantly on the other side. Even as I package an order, (yes, like I said... I do it all) my personal blessings ride along in the envelope and I bless the recipient with the wisdom of the ancient teachings and the lineage of the ancient blessing rites since life began. Love travels through the mail and arrives with each order. For me, this is normal... and I believe it makes a difference.

I don't give up even when sales are down.

I continue to ride the blessing wave like a surfer. Sometimes I am up and lots of times I am underwater. But I never forget what the goal is. It is to keep the energy of blessings and belief alive and strong. This is why I keep honoring the holy practice... it's because blessings work and we must not stop the momentum. Belief works. Respect for life on all levels rises to its highest form when we cast a blessing for ourselves, for someone, to someone, into the oceans, skies, earth, or out into the vast cosmic reality. 

On the other side, they said our prayers work. They said our blessings work. They said the lineage of blessing power flows like water through many shores and many canyons. They said I would be true to the teachings if I honored the energies of water, honored the properties of water, honored the way water permeates all life, honored the way water quenches all thirsts, and honored the human spirit. So that is why I continue to sell water blessings. I was given a sacred mission and I intend to keep it alive until such time as Spirit tells me otherwise. My path is part of an ancient covenant. But yours is too. When we take the time to practice the ancient arts of blessing, we surf on the greatest wave of love ever imagined.


  • Maritza says...

    Greetings, today I received your email, and for all the right reasons I looked more into your website. All your content is lovely … one that caught my heart was the Ho’oponopono article I ended up reading this one. Your transparency moved me.
    Bless your heart.
    I have been saying ‘Bless your heart and blessing even to people I don’t even know; however, it feels right to me and I genuinely mean it. I enjoy reading about you and the wonderful things you have experienced. Can you please share with me by email whenever there will be an opportunity for a gathering to bless the waters?
    With deep gratitude,

    On Nov 29, 2023

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