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Activate 5 Quantum Superpowers Through Your Blue Mind

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Activate Your Five Quantum Superpowers
Through Your Blue Mind

It’s as easy as surrounding yourself in blue
and taking a slow float in that gentle blue sea.

In chemistry and physics, quantum refers to a single quantity of matter or energy. In practical use, it refers to the minimum amount of energy required for a change; or the minimum value of any physical property to change an interaction. In metaphysics, Quantum is the amount of energy it takes to make a change in belief or other cellular influences. It is technical, and then... it's not. Let's go deeper into this…

I recently attended a workshop where I learned 5 important Quantum Superpowers we all possess. The unusual thing is that humans think these Quantum energies are unattainable in our normal lives because they seem to represent extraordinary feats of mind control or psychological programming. Because of that technical connotation, spiritually-conscious seekers often overlook the wisdom in initiating quantum changes because of the "too-technical" explanations.

But what if it was so easy to make changes that you could do it all the time, any time?

Here is something to consider... if you have waved off the scientific explanations of extraordinary powers, maybe it is time to revisit the ideas. I think we all would love to have a collection of superpowers we can rely on for the times when we need a big boost. We all pray, meditate, and use our psychic senses to open new paths; and we all do our sensory practices because we believe they help our consciousness to remain open and aware; but when I needed a bigger boost, I look for deeper wisdom. I look to Water. And this very powerful pairing was mentioned in the workshop. That’s when I perked up!

Aha!  Water and the Cosmos… a perfect pairing of generators that will open a doorway into the realm of our super consciousness. At that point in the presentation I began to understand the physical reality of how our “believing mind” entangles our thoughts and won’t easily let go. In physics, this is a real thing. Atoms and molecules become entangled to each other because of a strange attraction that won’t let go… ever… no really, never, unless something else takes its place. This means, the original cause of entanglement influences everything until it no longer has power. When would that be? Let's refer to the brilliant Buckminster Fuller's great insight...

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Indeed!!! In spirituality this concept means, if we believe something is hard or even impossible, that is what our Quantum Reality will continue to produce for us because we have entangled that concept and the mind holds it in place. Give it new solutions, better solutions, and your world changes. This is exactly what spiritual scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated so often with the consciousness of water. Example: If we reinforce our hatred toward our drinking water, those molecules become deformed and dysfunctional and are stuck together forever. But if we introduce deep love for our drinking water, (a new insight or affirmation) its molecules instantly become crystalline works of art that have greater power than the dysfunctional entanglement. What would we rather drink? What would we rather think? Beauty, of course! But more than beauty, health, joy, or peace, we want love. Ahhhh... yes LOVE! We would rather be drinking love and knocking out the old entangled beliefs.

The mind method mentioned in the workshop related to Quantum Theory is called the “Blue Mind Theory,” and it is a very powerful concept in its own right. Here is how it works...

Our Blue Mind is our Teacher, Healer, and Wisdom Guide.
If we realize our current reality is something we wish to change, we connect with water. I mean, we alter our method of contemplation to include water. So, we think about water, we surround ourselves with pictures of water, we go to a place where we can be with natural water, OR,  we bring blue things to our altar to symbolize water. It is at that point when the disentanglement work begins.

Opening up our Blue Mind, we form new associations that become entangled and form a new positive reality to surpass the old one. Now, listen up, dear friends...  this stuff is real and has been proven by scientists who can attest that when we engage with water, see blue, or explore the emotions associated with being in or near water, we actually open a space in our brain for new ideas and functions to grow. (The Bucky Fuller theory). Imagine that! So simple. So elegant. And this equates to new space for new entanglements to form.

Now we begin to see how most of us are caught in an entanglement of disbelief. And now, we can begin to activate our Big Five Powers… our Quantum Superpowers. We can activate them and use them daily. We really, really can!! Without getting all scientific again, I will adhere to the “Blue Mind Theory” in each of these descriptions of the powers and show you how to “work them” so you can enjoy a big shift, right now! This is guided imagery, and it is extremely powerful. Let’s go!

Superpower #1

You want the power to expand time.
We all want to do more in less time than ever before without adding stress to our lives. Okay, so let's begin with a better thought stream…


Water flows slowly down a lazy stream. It never stops, and it never rushes. It meanders into slow pools, and then moves ahead exploring every bank and surface with curiosity and adoration. Without any sense of time or space, you hear the soft burbles and tickling splashes creating a gentle pitter-patter beat in your mind. Then you realize…You are the water. You feel the sensation of floating with ease and grace as you willingly explore mossy rocks and tree roots. Your float includes twigs, leaves, pebbles, and fish in the gentle current while floating along the course. You are not burdened by presence. In fact, you are grateful for the company and there is no identifiable measure of time to disturb your peace. You feel a sense of gratitude for being in this space. You can breathe deeply into the realm of no-time whenever you desire.”

There…that is your daily Quantum practice!  In doing it, you just changed a portion of your field of consciousness. If you repeat this, you will be dis-entangling a lot of old programming that keeps us limited. This simple practice is your opening to the Blue Mind. From this point on, expanded time has become entangled with your brain functions and it allows you to feel energized and capable no matter what you wish to accomplish.

Use this imagery anytime you feel anxiety about time. It works every time… but you have to do your part. Dr. Emoto knew this and opened the minds of millions all over the planet by suggesting we use simple words to prompt us into our Blue Mind consciousness, only he didn’t call it that. He called it “intention.” Many thought it was too hard to sustain intention. Many thought it was pseudo-science. Many forgot. Many found the practice boring because the human mind wants to flitter from one great thing to another. But this, I can tell you, is true. If you engage your Blue Mind with water every day, just for a few minutes, earnestly and consistently, you will automatically be living in a new reality of extended time. A new entanglement will be born.


Superpower #2

You want the power to experience sustained energy so you can always generate what you need to accomplish your goals. You want to operate at your highest energy level throughout even the longest, most challenging days. Let’s go back to the Blue Mind Theory and add a new entanglement to your beliefs...

Wave on Shore“You are sitting at the ocean. Even if you have never been there before, you know about the power of the water and see its waves coming toward you, evenly spaced, swelling, rising, curling, breaking, foaming as they roll to the shoreline. You hear the breaking wave hit the sand, but you are not in danger because you are an observer sensing its vast power. Then you suddenly realize... You are the wave! You sense your sustained strength as you bring all your power to the shore – your only mission now. When it is done, you, as water, return to the sea to gather more strength to come back again and again and again.”


Do this simple thought journey when you need more energy. Do it every day if you need it. Your Blue Mind is expanding your superpowers. Wow!


Superpower #3

You wish to partner with the Universe to accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams. You can use the resources of the universe to your greatest advantage. You guessed it, we are going to engage the Blue Mind again and this time, we are breaking down barriers, not building new entanglements. Once the barriers are released you are free to access infinite consciousness as you desire. Water holds the greatest power for moving heavy objects or wearing down thought barriers. Use it to your advantage...


“You are floating in a lake high above a valley. You are comfortable and safe, but you cannot go anywhere else because the water that floats you is contained by a dam built by natural mud and rocks. The water in the lake has very little power in this enclosure and only moves because of the wind. You long to be free, but you are caught in a motionless existence. While the lake supports your existence, it doesn’t support your need for expansion. You know you are meant to grow, move, change, learn, transform, and live in infinite co-creation with the universe outside the barrier. Summoning the help of the wind, together you push the water against the barrier by making a wave. Again and again, the power of your thoughts and the wind waves dissolve the mud holding the rocks in place; and soon, water is seeping out of the rocks into a trickle and then a vigorous stream beyond. Pushing again and again, rocks begin to wear away and the barrier that once kept you contained now collapses sending a beautiful gush of water downstream where it has no limits and everything is yours for the receiving. Just ask. In this mighty flow, everything is known, shown, and grown. You are Water and you are the infinite Universe. You are only stopped when your existence is dammed… we are only stopped by damming our minds.”

This guided imagery relies on your ability to sustain energy, as explained in Superpower #2 along with the persistence to reach for new freedom. Use them together. And remember, once the dam has been breached, everything is available to you whenever you want or need it. An additional way to use this superpower is to BELIEVE there are no limits. The only limit is your entangled mis-perception or belief. Break that up right now!


Superpower #4

You long to express your creativity but find you have too many responsibilities to take time out for your visions and dreams. You have advanced to this power because you have already learned how to extend time, felt your unlimited energy, broken down barriers; and now you will create your creative sanctuary. We call upon the wisdom of the Blue Mind... and the powerful wisdom of using rhyme…

“If you were a river where would you flow, where would you go? What would you see along the way? Where would you stay? As you float along, fast or slow, what is there for you to know? An idea here, a vision there, a new creation everywhere. Look to your Third Eye, that Chakra is Blue. It will show you everything that is new. Choose what delights you and make it alive. It requires no effort to be one with the jive. Give thanks for your infinite flowing river, but remember, the Cosmos is the ultimate giver. How to express, you eagerly ask, with plenty of time to take care of the task? You are the river and you will easily flow through all parts of life your soul’s here to know. Sharing your gifts and your ultimate dreams, believing it’s true is easier than it seems. Just open your mind to the ease of the flow and all expressions are yours to show.”

So much beauty everywhere you look and so many opportunities to express the beauty in your heart.  These are gifts from the vast reaches of the universe to remind you of your artist's nature. You are a creator and you are the creation. Don't stop your flow, but include whatever you need to do as part of the ultimate creation, and do your hard tasks with rhythm, grace, and creativity. This suspends time and you become the greatest definition of Super Human. 


Superpower #5

You want to attract money, people and resources to make your life a work of art, but sometimes those things are beyond reach. They needn't be. It is time to evolve our ideas about attraction. We are thinking about water. Just consider a single tiny drops of mist. From there,  a sea change can happen in your reality... 


“The rain comes down in tiny drops. As they form on a hard surface, they rest momentarily and then move toward another drop. There is an imperative attraction for the two to become one, with double the power each had before. Think of this action as magnetic. The power in water attracts! As more drops gently form, they find each other and bond. The tiny drops are growing together.  First a tiny puddle, and then a larger one. The larger puddle grows in size and becomes a pond, a lake, a reservoir, a force. As each tiny drop is added to the vast collective, the power of water attracts more and more drops to make its power even greater. As you feel the sensation of magnetism, connection, collaboration, cooperation, you feel the birth of a new reality, and you realize you are all the water drops and you are the force. You are an attractor of all … and a container for the power you want. And best of all, nothing can stop this force from becoming larger in your life because your attraction is too great.”

Use this imagery when you need money, resources, or opportunities. Think of the tiny drops becoming big enough to serve your needs. Let the power of water attract it all to you. I do mean ALL! Bring on a new quantum entanglement now! Today is the day. Reach out, reach deep. Just break the old entanglements and fly free.



The Spirit of Water is honored to share the path of light 
with all beings. During your journey of transformation,
I hold a candle to 
help illuminate the darkness.

Since 2002, I'm still here,
transforming water into liquid prayers.
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