Did you ever wonder about DNA, and how that reference is thrown around a lot in solving crimes, tracking diseases, predicting human health, and exploring genetics… but hardly ever discussed in metaphysical terms except within a small niche group of spiritual teachers?

I did wonder about Metaphysical DNA, but I wasn't sure what I could determine what was hype and what was truth; so I spent time researching some of what is  believed among kindred spirits like us... we metaphysical seekers who question the mysteries and seek spiritual awareness. From my hours of digging I was able to arrive at a simple explanation. This comes at a time when I feel a need to expand my horizons beyond water and support other realms of thought about expansion through sacred Color, Chakras, Quantum Superpowers, and Spiritual Intention. 

It turns out, much of those other topics use the same factors in behavior modification, conscious creation, and divine providence as what is indicated for modifying metaphysical DNA. And it also turns out, I found a logical purpose to veering off course from water wisdom to these other areas of intentional thought. So let me say... Metaphysical DNA is a real thing as much as the consciousness of water. As much as the Chakras. As much as any spiritual belief system. Are those things real to you? They are to me, so I will move into the discussion from that starting point.

Before we go further into the the DNA discussion...

Scientists will never accept my explanation, so don’t even try to convince them of anything I share with you. They study the chemical and biochemical constituents in the cells and how they influence our DNA. But they cannot explain why we look a certain way, speak a particular dialect, or are attracted to certain lifestyle choices.  Here is a big clue... it is more than what you learned as an infant. It has to do with your cells' abilities to function because those items have been programmed into the structure of your cells. Do you resemble your ancestors? I am sure you do because you were built using the same genetic codes. Your DNA was influenced by your ancestors and their bloodlines that contributed to your cell formation. This doesn't sound very metaphysical until you consider something that I ponder often. The energy that influences our DNA is not just physical. It is cosmic and has to do with choices made by your soul before you slipped into your current lifetime.

Here is an example. I have studied 3 languages besides my native English, and I can't seem to communicate using German, French,or Spanish. My studies included years of learning, but it just "didn't take."  I suspect it is not because of a faulty brain, but the possibility that my DNA was already determined for me, for this lifetime and it did not include my ability to assume any of the traits and knowledge factors as native Germans, French, or Latinos. However, sometimes, while I try to speak a language (I supposedly learned), I get hints of a life I might have experienced in a different body, in a different culture among others who spoke those languages fluently. If I can zone in close on the memories, I find myself speaking with perfect clarity using correct accents and dialects – but only for a few moments. Then it goes away. Could I ever alter my DNA to help me with my languages? Probably... meaning anything is possible. But the real answer is, YES... but for now, it's a dream I might never achieve. And my DNA or soul mission is dead set against me adopting multiple languages. Here is what I think. I am a metaphysician, a seeker of mysteries, a spiritual connoisseur, and it is important for me to communicate my theories to others of my culture. I speak a cosmic dialect. That is all I need in this body, in this life, in this reality. 

But here another aspect... if you eat a certain ethnic food, or follow ceremonial or ritual practices or religions, your DNA is influenced. And it, in turn, influences your cellular generation. So, I asked... what came first? Did our DNA patterns exist when we were spirits living without a body in another dimension? What made our cells carry the master plan of our existence?

You can see… it gets deep. Metaphysically deep. But that's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk Metaphysics as we practice our personal growth, spiritual expansion, and transformation. because everyone knows, if you want to change the world, we have to change ourselves first. 

Through spirit we can learn how different aspects of our body's make-up are given instructions to follow. Did that come from our soul? Or from our long progression of lifetimes on Earth or other planets? Did our body instructions come because of our soul’s specific mission for this lifetime? And what if some of those instructions are causing us ill health or poor cellular formation. Might there may be possibilities for changing DNA to create better versions of ourselves? I say YES. Science said NO at first, but now Harvard says "maybe." My big "yes" is where science stops and metaphysics takes over. Our thought streams are powerful currents of energy that affect our existence. Remember.... A thought is a thing, and Harvard research says our DNA can break apart and be reconstructed with the traits we wish to re-grow. This is huge! This means, if we are struggling with codes that don't enhance our life vision, at a certain point, mind and matter work together to break the codes and reconstruct them. It turns out, the double helix form physically breaks apart and new sections are reconstructed.


Here is the ONE most simple truth about metaphysical DNA… every thought we have carries its own energy field. Just stop and think about that! Think of ripples in a pond. Think of expanding realities emanating from a single thought. Well you can see how powerful a thought is. It amplifies its power infinitely.

Each cell or each atom has an electrical charge. All the collective charges create a universe... a thought universe. Within that thought universe, is an electromagnetic field of possibilities. (A field of dreams?) As that unique universe forms a power source, it also becomes the manifestation source for whatever possibilities are brought forth by our thoughts, (remember they are things). This is Metaphysical DNA!!!

When we think, or say, or believe anything, the matching energy cells in our universe are magnetically drawn to each other and they connect. When enough matching energies form a strong connection they take over as the “God Source” of that universe and then that universe duplicates and creates a matching universe. Infinite universes take over and the resulting power allows the body, mind, and spirit to give birth to the object of your thoughts. What if your thoughts are negative? Yes, that, too, is born and lives within your universes. All this single-cell regeneration becomes the first cause of manifestation or matter. It also becomes the first cause of destruction.

Does this sound like the Law of Attraction? In many ways, yes, it does. Does it sound like the theory of Quantum Superpowers? And does it sound like the discussions about Radiant Color Chakra Creation? Yes, to all. We are fueling every possibility I have spoken about for the last 6 months with the initiation of a single cell of Metaplysical DNA. And it begins with a single cell of belief. BELIEF! Good grief! Are we getting this infinitesimal increment of pure power? A thought here, a belief there, and soon, we have created ourselves as a mirror image to what our minds conjured up. 

We've definitely heard this a thousand times, right? Do you want more money? More love? More opportunities? Well, yes, of course we do! We can work with the radiant color of our Chakras. (That is pure power). We can raise our Quantum Superpowers by following a mind-process. (Pure power). We can bless our water (the pure power of intention). We can practice prayer and ritual (the pure power of ceremony and repetition). All of this affects our DNA. Every single one of them! No chemistry is involved. No genetics. Just pure creation energy. You get to choose which type of creation will get your devotion or attention. But they all work! Except when they don't because they are not supposed to. (remember my problem with languages?) You came into your body and you already had DNA instructions in place when you arrived in the womb. Those initial codes will likely not be changed by thought. But so many other things can be changed.

Your DNA defines you as a Creator God. But, again, what came first? Your DNA, or your intentions? We do know that your creation awaits your instructions so DNA can commit to the creation of cells that will definitely affect your choices. When you are clear about what you wish to create, your DNA can begin making cells that will support your thoughts. Your thoughts will begin making cells that will change your DNA. They work together. Always together.

So, in light of this mind tripping DNA discussion today,  I have to ask, point blank….knowing we hold the greatest key to creation on Earth, and possibly in the entire Cosmos…

What on earth are you thinking?

If it isn’t constructive, positive, and life-affirming, for Pete’s sake, stop those thoughts right now! We are creating our world one thought at a time. What we think becomes our reality and it affects the reality of all beings (because we are ONE). Do we want peace for others. Create it in ourselves first. 

Let’s stop criticizing others who think differently than we do spiritually, politically, socially, intellectually, etc. They are on another path and their DNA is reflecting their thoughts. Our path will rise and take us to much higher pursuits if we use our mind to create our ideal life for ourselves and ultimately for everyone. Remember, what you think about another, you create within yourself. Think about that. Our universe begins within. The shared universe begins within the minds of all beings. If we are negatively impacted by the thought streams of darker paths, it is our job to spread our light so others can benefit from our contribution to love. It works in small ways as you know. A tiny candle flame illuminates the darkest cave. A small crack lets the light in. We are the Lightworkers who can shift universal DNA… at the very least, we can shift our own. And we all know, in order to change anything, we have to change our thoughts. 

All we can know (or believe with our whole hearts) in this place of truth, in our own private universe, we can affect EVERYTHING backwards, forwards, and everything in-between. We do hold the master switch in our minds. And we ARE because we think.

Not only can we see our future and heal our past, but we can create something new. It is all done with our thoughts. When we go within, anything is possible. Our insights change our DNA. Our intentions change our DNA. Our WORDS CHANGE OUR DNA. When our DNA shifts, our bodies respond and cells line up to make new connections. Do we speak a dialect of love? It changes the directions our cells get from our DNA. Do we speak of hatred or resentment? Yep… you got it… our cells reflect that negativity and keep their evolution in the dark. 

And here is the most profound aspect of metaphysical DNA… there are worlds that are waiting to be birthed within ourselves, and within the consciousness we all share. Sometimes in order to make a change, the DNA needs to be broken as I mentioned earlier. Then it repairs itself to include the new reality. This reminds me of an ancient wisdom saying, "The universe re-arranges itself to reflect our picture of reality." Now this can go to whatever we focus on. Our DNA is created by thought — thought from our ancestors, and thoughts in our current lifetime. Any thought can change reality.

We are out of the box thinkers because we are meta-folk… reaching beyond what is known. In other words, we are exploring possibilities, and reaching into subtle realms of information. We are adventurers when we decide to consider a different religious belief system than the one our parents indoctrinated in us. Yes, we are pioneers. When we mix belief systems because Buddhism and Wiccan together might make more sense to us, or when Animism and Santeria inspires us… we are demonstrating just how “bad-ass” we are in terms of what we can create. Our thoughts enable us to cross vast divides and boundaries. We are meta-people exploring a meta-world beyond physical proof. That is pure bravery. When we do that, our DNA is affected.

DNA has its own language.
Every cell in our body hears everything we hear, speak or think and then they create from our inner dialogue. Nothing is overlooked by our DNA. Even if we are joking, or speaking in a casual way, the energy of our words and thoughts is taken to heart and becomes the first cause of manifestation. What if we listen to others speak to us and they speak negatively? That goes directly to our cells and DNA creates from that “truth” is another thought does not cancel it out. The senses are regulators of our DNA… hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, feel no evil, act no evil. There is a reason why these old sayings came about. Wisdom speaks most truthfully but not always of its origin. 

But, look, you know all this… or you have heard it said so many times. I have said it many times too!!! Why do we forget this profound detail?

Your DNA believes you and obeys your every word and whim. DNA responds as if
everything is true. To our DNA everything and anything is possible. Often, we inadvertently stand in our own way because we are physical thinkers, fearful thinkers, illogical thinkers, earth-bound limited thinkers — not always metaphysical thinkers. Buy, hey, please remember, we have all this vast pool of potential beyond the apparent limits, and we are entitled to swim in that miracle, magical pool to our heart’s delight. In fact, it is our creation pool and the greatest gift we have ever been given while we continue to live in a physical world and a limited mind. Let’s change it. Now.

We all have the ability to travel to the past or the future and all dimensions in between. We can use our superpowers to heal and grow. We can learn from colors by becoming them. We can become gifted healers, teachers, and visionaries all because of our DNA. We can also shut it all down because of our DNA. It all depends on our inner dialog.

When we are engaged in a high level of DNA communication, we may use light waves to open a greater understanding of our place in the universe.  Our place can be in the past, or the future, or any dimension, but when we seek within, anything is possible. And one parting thought… think in terms of energy. Tesla said it. The future is about energy. The present is about energy. The world is completely created from energy. What energy receptors live in your body? YOUR CHAKRAS… it is a circular reality. Rethink your Chakras… and create from pure sparks of energy there. 

Written by Shara Gardner


I have been experiencing this shift in my body because of my confessions to me. Thank you so very kindly for a better over standing of this empowering article.

Yolande Grant on Sep 15, 2022

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